Mob Mentality in Liberal Gas Plant negotiations!

Posted: June 18, 2013 in Uncategorized

Accusations are beginning to get more REAL now that snippets of past events are beginning to leak out of what up to now, has been probably the biggest cover-up in Ontario’s Political history at Queen’s Park.

NO written records were kept of any discussions during meetings leading up to the seat-buying Gas Plant Cancellations. Or so the Privacy Commissioner has been told.

WHY wouldn’t anyone want to keep a “record” of discussions unless there was a mentality of wrong doings going on within those meetings. Even the word being used to describe the whole affair is whacked! “Project Vapour……give me a break……………….how many episodes of the Sopranos have these numb nuts watched while they were secretly spending our hard earned tax dollars on a fake issue that was only created to save a few seats in the respective Municipalities. The final cost to US will be in the neighbourhood of over ONE BILLION DOLLARS and the last time I checked that type of theft was classified as Grand Larceny!

So far only one name has popped up regarding the $$$ negotiations between the contractors and Government and that may be a great starting point for the Police to begin with.

Guaranteed, once some poor schmuck is put under the lights of interrogation and looks like they might be the “fall guy/gal” for the real mobsters here, he/she will sing like a warbler and then stuff gets real!

Suggestion: Anyone who has relevant information that can implicate the real “players” in this huge misappropriation of Public Funds” should start warbling now and avoid what is only going to get REAL UGLY, REAL FAST!!!

Liberals acted like mob on gas plants

JUNE 18, 2013

Many organizations are reluctant to write things down because it establishes a paper trail that investigators can later follow.

One would be the mob when it’s ordering a hit on somebody.

Another would be Ontario’s Liberal government, when it was trying to cover up its reasons for closing two gas plants, at a cost to taxpayers of at least $585 million. This to save five Liberal seats in the last election.

In both the case of the mob and the Liberals, the participants knew what they were doing was wrong.

That’s why they did almost everything verbally, so there would be no written record.

This was also a way to avoid having to deal with freedom of information requests under the law, because they could respond by claiming no documentation existed.

As Information and Privacy Commissioner Ann Cavoukian concluded in her scathing report on the illegal deletion of e-mails related to the gas plants by the Dalton McGuinty government, that was only one part of the apparent coverup.

Cavoukian also found, “a culture of avoiding the creation of written documentation existed within the offices of the former Minister of Energy and the former Premier, relating to the gas plant issue.”



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