Ontario on the path to “Renewable Energy Suicide” …… “Germany’s Green disaster” coming here fast!!!!

Posted: June 16, 2013 in Uncategorized

Remember the days when George Smitherman and Dalton McGuinty along with all his Green Energy minions like David Suzuki and the Wind Lobbyists like CANWEA and OSEA touted “how great Germany’s Green Energy FIT program was better than sliced bread”??

This was the psycho-babble forced down Ontarians throats in order the cram the Green Energy Act into law!

That was 2009.

For over 4 years WE citizens along with many many real scientists and financial experts have warned McGuinty/Wynne that this was literally “Financial Suicide” for Ontario.

Here we are in 2013 facing what Germany has now declared a complete failure of Green Energy policies and it’s consequences!

For Ontario to continue on this Green Path to Destruction is nothing short of CRIMINAL BEHAVIOUR!

Germany’s Green Plan is Crumbling

June 15, 2013


The wheels are falling off of Germany’s green energy revolution. In recent years Europe has attempted to position itself as a first mover and global leader in renewable energy, and Germany has led the way with ambitious domestic programs to boost solar and wind energy. But green hopes are giving way to economic realities: Europe is now considering walking back from some of its stated green goals, (rightly) concerned that the costs of renewable energy will make European industry less globally competitive. This is especially true in Germany, where some of Europe’s highest electricity prices have many companies considering jumping ship to cheaper locales like shale-rich America. The Economist has a must-read in-depth report on the failings of Germany’s energy revolution:

Businessmen say the Energiewende [Germany’s energy revolution] will kill German industry. Power experts worry about blackouts. Voters are furious about ever higher fuel bills. The chaos undermines Germany’s claim to efficiency, threatens its vaunted competitiveness and unnecessarily burdens households. It also demonstrates Germany’s curious refusal to think about Europe strategically.

And it’s not just German businesses that are suffering:

The cost of this mess is passed on to electricity users. Household fuel bills have gone up by a quarter over the past three years, to 40-50% above the EU average. And because the contracts guaranteeing renewables prices are set for 20 years, the problem will get worse as more such supplies come on stream. Thomas Vahlenkamp of McKinsey reckons that the cost of the Energiewende will double over the next decade. Rising electricity bills will dampen German consumers’ spending, exactly the opposite of what is needed to rebalance the economy.



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