Did you know about a visit from a Professional from Europe explaining why Ontario’s Green Energy is a disaster?

Posted: June 13, 2013 in Uncategorized

I didn’t think so!

No Mainstream Media outlet would dare cover this story. Why not? Better ask your favourite media outlet that loaded question!

Why would Mainstream Media want you, the lowly tax-payer to know the TRUTH behind why we are up to our arse in debt, getting beaten out of our homes with high electricity prices and literally being legislated into oblivion from all levels of Government of our Rights as a landowner and home owner?

No. MSM is designed to “parrot” the Government’s double-speak and reminds some of us from that dark era in history when Goebbels pushed his pro-Nazi rhetoric on his own people to lead them into Hell called the Third Reich!

A bit overboard? A bit too descriptive? A bit paranoid? Don’t even go there………….“Those who cannot remember the past, are condemned to repeat it,”

Here is the story that you won’t get from your newspaper or TV……………………………

Benny Peiser, Director of the Global Warming Policy Foundation visits Canada

May 23, 2013

Europe’s Green Energy policies have promoted inefficient wind and solar power, imposed carbon taxes and emissions trading systems across that continent which have caused soaring energy prices, economic decline and plunged millions of families into fuel poverty. Dr. Benny Peiser is the founder and editor of the world’s leading climate policy network and one of Europe’s most influential climate policy analysts recently outlined story during his recent visit to Canada. Dr. Peiser was interviewed after his speech to the Friends of Science/Frontier Centre luncheon in Calgary, May 14th, 2013

(Editors note: Here is the statement that no single MSM outlet wants you to hear)

“FC: You mentioned that the policy involves the largest wealth transfer between the poor and the rich in history during your talk. Can you just expand on that?

BP: We are talking about a wealth transfer in the order of about 600 billion euros in the last eight years. Subsidies paid to green investors mainly land owners and very wealthy families who put up large solar panels on their farms or roofs. These 600 billion euros are being paid by ordinary families and small, medium sized businesses to the most privileged members of European society. That is the biggest wealth transfer in modern Europe for a very, very, long time if not ever.”



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