Municipal Alert! ………….. DO NOT deal with Nextera Energy………black-listed in the U.S.A.!

Posted: June 12, 2013 in Uncategorized

Matters seem to be going from “bad to worse” for this recently disgraced Energy Company here in Canada.

Nextera Energy, a foreign company trying to do it’s business” here in Ontario is now “suing it’s way” through the townships of Rural Ontario and also trying to inflict “financial harm on Citizens” of this once great Province.

We all know about Esther Wrightman’s struggle with this “Eagle-nest-chopping company , and now we find out that their lawyers are busy filing lawsuits against another Municipality, specifically West-Grey for passing a LEGAL By-Law into their books to charge fees for accepting Wind Turbines within their townships lands.

Nice “corporate citizen”!

Well, as if one wasn’t arrogant enough to come into a foreign country and try throwing their collective 32 billion dollar weight around and sue everything in sight while they trot their fake Green Energy Wind Turbines around the country, we now discover that they aren’t too bloody welcome back in their “home country” as well!

Federal renewable energy adviser told not to deal with renewable projects developer NextEra

March 16/2012

LOS ANGELES _ The chief architect of the Obama administration’s renewable energy policy has been instructed to refrain from any dealings with the country’s largest renewable energy company because of a romantic relationship with the firm’s Washington lobbyist. (bold mine)

Steve Black, Interior Secretary Ken Salazar’s alternative energy adviser, discussed his relationship with a NextEra Energy lobbyist with officials in the department’s ethics office last fall, an Interior spokesman said. To avoid a conflict of interest, Black was later told to recuse himself from matters involving NextEra, which has more than a dozen wind and solar power projects in California.

Black, 51, has been Interior’s point man on renewable issues and is closely involved with the department’s push to expand green energy projects on public land. Renewable energy is the singular environmental issue for both the Obama administration and Salazar, who has repeatedly traveled in the West to promote wind and solar projects.

Black, who was legislative counsel for Salazar when he was a Colorado senator, represents Interior on a handful of committees and working groups trying to come up with a road map for renewable energy. The department is in the midst of large-scale planning efforts that affect every renewable energy company that does business on federal land.

Some conservationists who work with Black question his ability to extricate himself from matters concerning NextEra, given the broad nature of the administration’s effort. A prohibition against dealing with one of the largest renewable energy companies might hamstring Black’s ability to appropriately manage the planning effort.


This article was distributed through the NewsCred Smartwire. By By Julie Cart for The Los Angeles Times Original article © The Los Angeles Times –

  1. […] the first wind farm in Tuscola County was being developed by NextEra Energy Resources LLC, company representatives met with Tuscola County […]

  2. Pristine Superior says:

    “Landowners and public land users … sometimes think that the process is not fair and equitable.”

    Probably a bit of an understatement there, for sure it is here where bits of Crown land are to be sold for who knows how much and what other favours may be exchanged when the MNR is in bed with the developers.

    “Proposed tenure instruments may include:

    • Work permits under the Public Lands Act for the upgrading and/or construction of roads, water crossings and buildings
    • Lakes and Rivers Improvement Act approval for a bridge
    • A temporary Land Use Permit and Letter of Authority for the construction of turbines, connector and transmission lines, buildings and other project infrastructure
    • Approvals under the Crown Forest Sustainability Act to allow for land clearing activities.
    • A Crown Land Lease and easements to support the long-term operations of the wind farm
    • The sale of Crown land associated with the transformer station.”

  3. alex says:

    When is Hollywood going to produce a movie about the evil mega-rich faux-green super barons vs. the citizen? You know, the Erin Brockovich type of movie!

    NEVER, because Hollywood is even more corrupt than the mega-rich faux-green super barons that are devastating pristine lands and simple folks.

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