Ontario’s “worst premier ever”…………QUITS!!!

Posted: June 11, 2013 in Uncategorized

Dalton James Patrick McGuinty, Jr., who has been labelled the Worst Ontario Premier ever in the history of Ontario politics, has officially retired in Ontario today.

I assume because of Horwath’s vote today to prop up this Zombie Government until an official election is called at the end of Wynne’s term of power is up, Dalton feels that his legacy of doom will live on in perpetuity so his job in reducing this Province to a literal “basket case” is DONE!

A foul smell lingers inside Queen’s Park now with the OPP scouring through the deleted records of McGuinty’s staffers and one must have some sympathy for those poor Police Officers who will have to endure the sleaze and mildew left over from a huge gang of corrupted tax-payer-funded employees who have ripped off their employers (the People) so brutally over the years.

McGuinty’s departure and inevitable obituary will serve one positive purpose in the months and years ahead, if that could be any consolation for the debt ridden citizens of this once great Province.

Moms and Dads of Ontario will have a face and a name to apply to stories when they advise their children about their hopes and dreams for a career when they get old enough to look for work and it may just sound like this:

“Now Johnny and Mary, here’s a picture of a very twisted and vile person who was once a politician and weaseled his way into leadership of this Province, which used to be a good place to live. He is called a POLITICIAN and your Mom and I never want you to be like him. Do not ever apply for a job that makes you work with people like this and this (pictures of Wynne and Horwath are shown the children), and just in case you are ever “conned” into believing that being a politician would be in your calling, then don’t expect any support from your family for your brain-washing and fake education that goes along with it!”

It is one most foul occupation my Dears!

The most interesting part of what the future will be for Dalton McGuinty, will be, “where does he go from here”? Or, in other words what position in what company will he occupy that he helped form and groom for his seat at the head table all paid for with yours and my tax dollars???

Work hard OPP ….work really hard and drag this guy into the light of day for some long earned Justice for the people!

Dalton McGuinty stepping down as MPP



Dalton McGuinty. (QMI Agency files)

TORONTO – Former Ontario premier Dalton McGuinty will resign as MPP Wednesday, triggering the need for a byelection in his Ottawa South seat, sources say.

When he stepped down as premier last fall, McGuinty told reporters he was planning to stay on as MPP for Ottawa South until the next provincial election.

Following the legislature’s approval of Premier Kathleen Wynne’s first budget Wednesday, she suggested her minority government could go on for another year.

McGuinty has appeared in the Ontario legislature only a few times since he gave up the top job, and he did not show for the latest confidence budget bill vote.

His departure comes as opposition parties demand he appear again before a legislative committee examining the gas plant cancellations and the destruction of e-mails by his senior political staff.



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