Is there a Rural Revolution afoot?

Posted: June 11, 2013 in Uncategorized

Pushed to the limits, Rural Ontarians are fed up, pissed off and basically ready for what one can only call a Revolution, unlike Ontario has seen since settlement days!

Councils have been infiltrated by sleazy Planners and CAO’s that care not one “fig” for the past or the future of their respective Municipalities. Everyone seems to be in it for what they can get out of it!

We have Councillors who seem to be more interested in embracing a Provincial oligarchy instead of protecting their own interests that mean safety, quality of living and economic viability of their own Townships. They were elected by their friends, neighbours and family, yet the day after the election appear to cater hand and foot to strangers at Queen’s Park over the interests of local landowners.

Taxes on the rise yet services being cut. Electricity rates so high that basically everyone in Rural Ontario is experiencing energy poverty.

Large Infrastructure expenses for unnecessary and actually useless projects while landowners necessities such as good roads and small hospitals and schools fall apart, are closed and moved into urban centres. Loss of gas stations, post offices, recreational facilities along with everything that once gave small towns their identity are being dismantled by some pencil neck legislation from Queen’s Park.

How did we get to this point? Simple. We went to sleep.

When people are lulled into  false sense of security and don’t get politically active, then the time is ripe for less than honest carpetbaggers to descend on our towns and ruin the whole bloody thing.

There is a political awakening happening right across Ontario and you will hear this same shout all across the Rural towns this summer: “We are Mad as Hell and we aren’t going to take it any more”!

Do you hear that Wynne???…………..Do you hear that Horwath?…………………… WILL!

Come The Revolution …

 | Jun 11, 2013

Steve Campbell

Steve Campbell

This is not a column about Industrial Wind Turbines. Sort of. And it’s not a column about the rape and death of PEC Memorial Hospital. Sort of. It’s a story about what has gone wrong with Ontario and Canada.
If you’re an innocent man standing at the gallows with a rope around your neck, and the deck is about to open, it’s always a good idea to ponder: “How did this happen to me?”

In this case, the frame-up was instigated by our old friend, turned enemy, the provincial government. Looking at the Big Picture beyond IWTs and hospitals, former Premier McGuinty took a big black pen and erased the word ‘democracy’ from all Ontario documents. This would require a considerable amount of time, which is probably why the ‘new jobs created’ index shot up for a couple of months.
The Green Energy Act – removing the voice of County people, our Council and our MPP – was simply the culmination of a widespread government policy to ignore public input. QHC pretends, but even their LHIN bosses don’t agree with the treatment Picton is getting.
McGuinty apparently has read Mein Kampf and the Memoirs of Josef Stalin, and thought it was a keen idea to institute a pogrom on rural Ontarians. I’m surprised the Green Energy Act did not include a section on building camps to harbour those unhappy with the health effects and destruction of life and land he has ordered.
His replacement, Wynne, is now publicly apologizing for McGuinty’s misbehavior, and is bravely trying to put a Happy Face toward us useless backwoods creatures who live somewhere beyond Scarborough.

At times like this, someone invariably says to me: “If you don’t like the government, change it with your vote!”
This no longer has meaning for me. The follow-up question is: “Okay, who am I going to vote for – who will save our butts, and not just inherit the Crown and continue on with ‘business as usual’?”
The problem is not a party politics problem. There is no party platform solution. And party promises are worth the air they’re printed on.

The problem is not which party is in power, the problem is systemic.
It’s the WAY we now do politics in Ontario and, indeed, right across Canada. Decisions are made behind closed doors in the middle of some city, and these decisions are passed to places like rural Ontario – though Queen’s Park has no concept of the differences in culture and lifestyle.
Despite Queen’s Park’s view of us as a vast, empty, uncultured wasteland, they have not noticed that the demographic of the County has changed radically in the last 10 years.

County people were never the sod-stomping clods they picture in their minds. We were just happy to be left alone. As Sir John A. said: “I love the people of Prince Edward County! They vote for me time and again; they ask for nothing, and they get nothing.” We like that.
But the County now has a whole new wave of people who chose this place as their personal paradise. Doctors (in vanishing numbers), lawyers, accountants, engineers, administrators – top-notch professionals – award-winning people, even members of the Order of Canada!
They have a right to ask why simply moving to Prince Edward County has reduced their status to Third-Class Citizens.
They were once the people who drove our economy and drove our government … their opinion is now less than worthless by virtue of passing over the Bay Bridge.



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