Anyone who supports a corrupt Government continue it’s foul deeds is “Guiltier than the original sinners”!!!

Posted: June 10, 2013 in Uncategorized

That would be Andrea Horwath and her Dippers!

This so-called “political party” is guilty of propping up a guilt-ridden gaggle of Queen’s Park politicos that know no bounds in the lengths they will go to literally screw billions of hard earned dollars from tax payer’s pockets and must be judged as such!

With Horwath and her 18 MPP’s voting in favour of Kathleen Wynne’s debt laden budget on June 11th and not using the opportunity to end the reign of scandalous behaviour of our 10 year experiment in Ontario’s destruction nothing could signal more of a massive failure in Governance than this one single hypocritical act!

Listening to her try and spin her decision to approve of Wynn/McGuinty and their disaster called leadership makes one want to puke!

I trust on June 12th this Party of self indulged losers find themselves as much a pariah in the public’s view as they should consider themselves to be.

This is not only the end of the Liberals in Ontario but also the NDP. Ontarians will prove it on election day.

Hope you all enjoyed the ride Andrea….it’s over!

Shame on Andrea Horwath for propping up the Liberals

christina-blizzardBY  ,QMI AGENCY

JUNE 10, 2013

Andrea Horwath

Ontario NDP Leader Andrea Horwath (STAN BEHAL/Toronto Sun files)

TORONTO – I’m not buying any of it.

I’m not buying former premier Dalton McGuinty’s argument that he didn’t know his staff had deleted all their e-mails.

I’m not buying Andrea Horwath’s fake outrage over the e-mails — only to watch her prop up this scandal-plagued government.

The NDP leader was in defensive mode Monday, saying her party got a “financial accountability office” out of their support for the budget bill.

Well, isn’t that nice?

If we had politicians with integrity, with a shred of honesty, we wouldn’t need to send good money after bad by paying for someone to come in and keep them accountable.

Who gave Horwath control of the budget anyway?

She’s a co-conspirator, along with Premier Kathleen Wynne, in putting forward a budget that will add $40 billion to the debt over the next two years.

That’s unacceptable.

Wynne doesn’t have a majority government. She doesn’t even have a mandate from the people as premier.

Horwath has just 18 seats in a 107-seat legislature.

And the two of them are colluding to keep this disgraceful Liberal government in power.

Horwath has lost the high moral ground in her support of Wynne.

She should vote against the budget, bring down the government — and let’s have an election.

Let’s have some real accountability.

Let the voters decide if we want to keep this cabal in power.

That pathetic statement from McGuinty late Friday was the last straw.

McGuinty said he was “unaware” of discussions between government staff and the Ontario Public Service regarding the deletion of documents.



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