Is everything about Green Energy a Lie?……………..where are the jobs??????

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Wind Companies along with our own Minster’s of Energy (notice plural) have beaten the drum about how this new Green Energy Act will create tens of thousands of jobs which are sorely needed in Ontario right now, but that too is nothing but absolute Malarkey!

So what is TRUE about what the Wind Companies are saying about their products????……….to this point in time absolutely NOTHING! In fact everything associated with Ontario’s Green Energy Act is nothing more than a fraudulent use of tax dollars to destroy people’s homes, lands, our wildlife and way of life in Rural Ontario for a ROI for a few shareholders and some deranged “political psycho babble” that politicians consider “Capital”!

Who pays the price?……WE do!..loss of jobs actually, loss of Industry, loss of Financial security with massive debt loads, in fact just one short word to describe this anti-Democratic Bill150, LOSS!

Where are Waldo’s Green Jobs? Liberals attempt to turn Water into W[ine]ynne!

Minister of Energy Bob Chiarelli recently claimed 31,000 jobs have been created in the renewable energy sector in Ontario. He was commenting on the recent ruling of the World Trade Organization (WTO) against Ontario’s 60% local content level requirements (for renewable energy projects) which found against Canada. That ruling means that the Green Energy Act’s requirements were illegal in the eyes of the WTO and now require alteration.

It is difficult to know where those 31,000 jobs are, and if they are merely short term or permanent. This writer decided to see if those jobs that the Liberals continue to add to in their press releases; really exist; beyond the minds in the Liberal Party and those environmental non-government agencies like OSEA that repeat the claims without confirming their validity.

If one looks at some of the fallout from the gas plant moves with an emphasis on Tom Adams and his request under the Freedom of Information Act some interesting job statistics can be found. In one of the lengthy documents that Mr. Adams received dated October 2012 the following statement can be found on page 6; “The recent survey of manufacturers indicated that with respect to solar manufacturing there are 46 companies involved in the manufacturing of modules inverters and mounting systems for 2023 direct manufacturing jobs and 1780 indirect jobs.”

So the first effort to confirm those claimed 31,000 jobs comes up short by about 27,000.

Now most of us are aware that it takes approximately 40 cement trucks to deliver enough cement for just one wind turbine base but that is all over in one day as a continuous pour is required.

So that doesn’t create many jobs either! So where are they?

We also know that birds and bats are struck down by those industrial wind turbines and we are also aware the wind development companies are required by the Ministry of Natural Resources to pick up the carcasses but those jobs only last for three years and then the monitoring generally stops.

The people that pick up the carcasses are mainly part time employees and only visit the wind turbines intermittently so that hasn’t created many jobs.

Another job creator is cutting down eagle’s nests but with only 52 pairs in Southern Ontario one would expect those jobs would be few and far between. To the best of my knowledge this is the only one (for NextEra) that has occurred:

While this event occurred on a Saturday (time and a half?) it can be seen that including the crane operator there are only about 10 people, in this picture, who are either working or supervising. So this can’t be where those jobs are either. So where are they?

When you look at some of the announcements flowing from our past and present Energy Ministers you discover that sometimes their announcement about green job creation causes green job losses. Such was the case with DMI Industries of Fort Erie who manufactured wind turbine towers. They were thrown for a loop when the Province promoted Samsung to also manufacture turbine towers in a market that couldn’t sustain two manufacturers and were forced to close their doors. With the closed doors went 225 jobs while Samsung was said to be creating 200 jobs. Net loss, 25 jobs!

So if jobs are not being created in the manufacturing of turbine towers it must be elsewhere. A few years back the Liberals got a lot of mileage from a September 25, 2009 announcement that Windtronics would established a plant in Windsor and even granted them $2.7 million of taxpayer funds. They stated Windtronics would create 174 jobs. Fast forward to March 2012 and we find out that Windtronics is leaving Ontario to go back to Michigan where they came from. They took the $2.7 million, created a few jobs for two years and then they left town.

No jobs there either so perhaps they were all created in the solar sector so lets look at that one. Back in May 2011, Sandra Pupatello and Dwight Duncan welcomed the new subsidiary of the Spanish company; Siliken Canada Corporation and touted the approximately 150 jobs they would create. Alas, just over one year later Siliken closed their doors and departed Windsor blaming Ontario’s government. We apparently lured them to Canada with rich incentives (undisclosed) “only to turn off the taps.” Goodbye to another 150 jobs that were to have occurred!

Another solar operation that surfaced during the last McGuinty led election campaign was Eclipsall Energy Corp. of Scarborough where McGuinty took part in a photo op that seemingly was created to make it appear that there were 85 people gainfully employed. As it turned out the McGuinty appearance was staged and many of the employees in the photo op had been laid off.

So the jobs don’t seem to be in the solar sector either. We know they not in the mining sector either and in fact Ontario lost 900 well paid jobs to Quebec due to high energy prices when Xtrada moved its refinery operation from Timmins. The job losses are not always evident amongst some of our smaller employers but 27 jobs were lost when the Stoney Creek Dairy closed its operation principally because of high electricity prices. The General Motors announcement of the Camero production being moved from Oshawa to Michigan may be another victim of high electricity prices but this writer has been unable to confirm if that is a factor. Cheaper energy and labour prices in Michigan certainly must have played a role in their decision. The decimation of the forestry sector in the Province can also be laid at the feet of the Green Energy Act with pulp and paper and lumber mills shut down due to the high cost of electricity.

Unfortunately most companies don’t issue press releases when they decide to not expand their business or when they downsize or close up and one wonders just how many other jobs, (beyond those identified above) have been lost due to the Liberal’s undying push to create renewable energy no matter the consequences?

Perhaps all of the jobs that the Liberals have really created are in the legal profession as many of the wind development companies have started legal actions against citizens and municipalities who have deigned to fight for their rights to enjoy their land. The anti-wind groups have done this by establishing their personal and group websites or blogs (at their own cost) and by showing up to council meetings to enjoin their local governments in their fight. Many have convinced their local municipal governments that they should declare themselves, “unwilling hosts” in an effort to stop the destruction of their quality of life.

Ester Wrightman is the most recent job creator as she is being sued by NextEra, and they have hired one of Canada’s largest law firms to fight on their behalf. She has dared to stand up against a company that rushed into Ontario to take advantage of the Province’s generous feed-in tariff (FIT) program as her house will be surrounded by giant wind turbines that will forever change her family’s enjoyment of their property and probably cause them health problems. Likewise the Environmental Review Tribunals that are being fought throughout the Province have created the need for the Ministry of Natural Resources to bump up their legal teams to fight the many anti-wind and nature groups that dare to fight the intrusion of those 400/500 foot industrial wind turbines. The Ministry’s legal team (paid for with our tax dollars) stand “shoulder to shoulder” with those Bay Steet legal firms at each and every tribunal against the thousands of volunteers throughout the Province that are fighting industrial wind developers. Those volunteers must contribute their time and aftertax dollars to fight the intrustions whereas, their time and money could be better spent on meaningful contibutions to their local charities and volunteer organizations.

Now if Minister Chiarelli would simply issue a press release that claims the Green Energy Act has created, say, 20,000 jobs in the Province’s legal system, perhaps we would all believe him!

It is time for the Liberals to stop lieing about the jobs created in their push for renewable energy. We need someone to push the delete button for press releases from the Energy Minister’s office that are nothing more than spin!

Parker Gallant,
June 9, 2013



  1. Paul Kuster says:

    Don’t forget all the rent-a-cops and actual police that are present at Big Wind open houses. They’re “green” jobs

    And so are these apparently!

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