Oh Oh!!!!!………………McGuinty throws his Staff under the bus!!!!!

Posted: June 7, 2013 in Uncategorized

The OPP have finally been called into the Pink Building to investigate the deletion of email accounts by the Liberals back when the gas plant moves were being made.

Kathleen Wynne has publicly declared that she knew NOTHING of this action as she wasn’t there during conversations or anywhere near the deletion when “Staffers” apparently removed pertinent information regarding costs of gas plant cancellations.

NOW, when asked, EX Premier Dalton McGuinty also denies having anything to do with these deletions and blames the allegations on “poor training”!

Of course we all know that the MPP’s are “holier than thou” and only a lowly STAFFER would be that dishonest as to delete emails and accounts.

Wonder how the poor saps who deleted them feel about their Dear Leader throwing them to the wolves???

I know how I would feel being abandoned by my “leader” to possibly face charges of criminal behaviour. I would “rat the bugger out”  and nail his arse to the proverbial Queen’s Park door.

Quickly made bad decisions and comments by people who get caught in a compromising situation usually come back to haunt them ten times worse than keeping one’s mouth shut and letting the events unfold in a timely fashion.

It also buys enough time to allow spin meisters and greasy lawyers to do their job of muddying the waters, install delaying tactics and create obfuscations to hamper Police fluidity while they pour through tons of files.

Could this be a case of “Sheer Panic” on Dalton’s part?…………..never ever admitting one wrongdoing in all his ten years of mismanagement and borderline scandalous behaviour he just might have met his Waterloo and it scares the hell out him?

McGuinty denies knowledge of e-mail destruction


TORONTO – Former premier Dalton McGuinty denied Friday that he knew senior Liberal staffers deleted e-mails (my bold) about his government’s gas plant scandal.

Ontario’s Privacy and Information Commissioner Dr. Ann Cavoukian issued a scathing report this week that found staff in McGuinty’s office and his energy minister broke the law by deliberately deleting e-mails and electronic records surrounding the decision to cancel the Mississauga and Oakville gas plants during the 2011 election.

Opposition parties are calling the e-mail revelations a “cover up.”

However, McGuinty blamed the actions of staff on poor training. (my italics and bold)

“I was unaware of discussions between government staff and the Ontario Public Service regarding the deletion of documents,” he said in a written statement. “And at no time did I condone or direct the deletion of e-mails or documents which ought to have been preserved.”

Cavoukian slammed the document destruction in her report Wednesday, saying it was hard to believe it was anything but an attempt to avoid transparency and accountability by senior Ontario Liberal staffers.

Cavoukian’s damning investigation uncovered McGuinty’s chief of staff approached the province’s top bureaucrat in January asking how to wipe out his e-mails, and that he and the energy minister’s chief of staff did just that before leaving their positions.

The commissioner found that the actions violated the 2006 Archives and Recordkeeping Act (ARA) and the Premier’s Office Records Retention Schedule.


And here is another take on this from Tom Adams and his website following this Gas Scandal, “Gasbusters”!

Gas Buster Part 46: More Document Scorchers

Posted by  on 6 June 2013, 6:36 pm

Ontario’s Information and Privacy Commissioner’s reported yesterday on illegal destruction of documents by senior Ontario Liberal political staff working on the relocated gas plants once contracted for Oakville and Mississauga. The report details deleted emails, scrubbed hard drives, and policies of conducting meetings without documentation to avoid detection in document searches. The Commissioner focused much of her attention on David Livingston and Craig MacLennan, then chiefs of staff in the Premier’s office and the Energy Minister’s office respectively.

Here are four additional individuals worth investigating — Chris Morley, Jamison Steeve, Sean Mullin, and former Energy Minister Chris Bentley


  1. Anonymous says:

    Scandals galore:
    Ont. health premium, eHealth, energy plan,
    Samsung, Ornge, G20 police laws, gas
    plants….to name a few.
    How would you expect McGuinty to remember
    something as minor as a few deleted e-mails?

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