Horwath will “rue the day” she hooked up with the Liberal Party!

Posted: June 6, 2013 in Uncategorized

It was so easy at the time eh Andrea?……………..support Kathleen Wynne and her scandal plagued Government by passing her budget instead of doing what voters wanted and call an election!

What harm could it do if the NDP stayed in power, achieved a few crumbs of legislation and didn’t have to hit the road with only 18 MPP’s to try and win an election at a terrific financial burden which of course the NDP doesn’t want to generate.

What Harm?

Well, now you know all too well the price one pays when they hook their wagon up to a lame pony………………..they go nowhere…………….fast!

“Politics makes strange bedfellows” is as true today as it was back in the day…………now Andrea will go down with the Titanic no matter how many life vests she wears!


Horwath prolongs Liberal corruption

JUNE 06, 2013


NDP Leader Andrea Horwath’s support has enabled the minority Liberal government. DAVE THOMAS/TORONTO SUN

We only have one question.

What’s it going to take for NDP Leader Andrea Horwath to bring down Ontario’s politically corrupt Liberal government?

If the findings of the province’s information and privacy commissioner that senior aides to then-premier Dalton McGuinty and his energy minister deliberately broke the law by deleting e-mails related to the Liberals’ gas plants scandal won’t do it, what will?

Horwath knows the report by Dr. Ann Cavoukian on the Liberals’ attempted coverup of information related to the two cancelled gas plants could not have been more devastating to Liberal credibility.

To be clear, Cavoukian didn’t cite Premier Kathleen Wynne as guilty of wrongdoing.

But Horwath herself says she doesn’t believe Wynne’s claim she knew nothing about the Liberals’ cover-up efforts while a senior cabinet minister in the McGuinty government.

As the NDP leader put it: “I don’t believe for a minute that she (Wynne) took the reins of power of this party without knowing all along what had been done in terms of the coverup.” Think about that. Horwath is saying Wynne isn’t telling the truth when she claims ignorance about the attempted Liberal cover-up of information relating to their decision to cancel the gas plants.


Stench of Liberal cover-up hard for even NDP to ignore




Liberal Leadership Convention
Kathleen Wynne with Dalton McGuinty after being announced the next premier of Ontario on the third ballot at the Liberal Leadership convention in Toronto on Saturday, January 26, 2013. (Veronica Henri/Toronto Sun)
  1. madasabat says:

    When Horwath publishes her memoirs
    it will be sad to think that the apex of
    her political career will amount to being
    McWynnety’s lap dag.

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