OUR Government is “attacking us in Rural Ontario” and we pay their salaries????

Posted: June 5, 2013 in Uncategorized

This has to STOP NOW!

These so-called elected representatives of the PEOPLE for the PEOPLE have got their priorities pretty well backwards and are blatantly going against the majority of Rural Residents who want this Provincial Government to “get the hell out of Rural Ontario”!

It isn’t any clearer than that!

If any urban dwellers think this is just one person’s opinion, then when you hit the roads this summer and drop in for your little taste of homegrown food and country comforts outside your urban cement megopolis, just ask ANY rural resident if they think Wynne/McGuinty is being truthful and fair with Rural Ontarians.

Don’t allow your children to hear this discussion because there will be many four letter words used to describe this Liberal/NDP outright anti-Democratic attack on rural villages right from one end of Ontario to the other!

These so-called leaders are the most debased and vindictive elected officials that we have ever had to deal with since the founding of this once great Province.

One woman, Esther Wrightman, will be the poster girl for our struggle with Wynne and her cohorts for her support for a multi national Wind Company who is actually suing this woman for having the guts to criticise them!

Maybe the next time our “Government” invites a foreign company to come and do business inside our Province, they might just advise them to also have a little respect for it’s citizens because WE won’t put up with bullies, legal shenanigans or outright threats to our quality of life without a big bloody outcry!

I assume Wynne is getting even with Rural Ontario for literally throwing their Liberal asses out of Ontario during the last election. I wonder why?……NOT!

Wind turbine reforms fail to quell anger of rural voters


After years of dismissing rural opposition to wind turbines, Ontario’s Liberal government is belatedly trying to defuse the problem. Its efforts may be too little. They are definitely late.

In cities, the giant, industrial three-blade windmills are back of mind. When, as has happened in Toronto, urban voters do object to wind turbines, the Liberal government is quick to back off.

But most wind farms are slated for rural Ontario. And here, the government, until now, has been unbending. It refused to accept persistent claims from local residents that wind farms put their health at risk. It overruled municipalities that tried to regulate or ban turbines.

Instead, in virtually all cases, the Liberals sided with the big, private generating companies seeking to establish these profitable wind farms.

No wonder, then, that the Liberals were virtually wiped out in rural Ontario during the last election. Wind turbines helped to deprive them of their last footholds.

The new premier, Kathleen Wynne, has been trying to fix that.

But the Wynne government’s efforts to date are grudgingly minor. A new policy outlined by Energy Minister Bob Chiarelli last week would require large wind-farm proponents to “work directly with” municipalities on where to locate any new turbines.

But there is no suggestion that municipalities would be given the power to veto or otherwise regulate schemes they dislike.

Municipalities would also be permitted to tax wind farms more heavily. And when considering small projects of up to 500 kilowatts generating capacity, the government has promised to give priority to those in which municipalities have a monetary stake.

In short, the government is handing municipal politicians a few goodies in the hope of bringing them onside.

But in a CBC radio interview following his announcement, Chiarelli made it clear: Queen’s Park still reserves the right to authorize more large-scale, private wind farms, even if local residents and councils are opposed.



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