How “out of touch with reality” is our Government….Gord Miller Environmental Commissioner shows us!!!!

Posted: June 5, 2013 in Uncategorized

Now here’s a twisted, out of date plea for more Green Insanity from our present dysfunctional and scandal plagued Government!

Gord Miller who is an “appointed” Environmental Commissioner just released a Press Release stating he was fearful that Ontario wouldn’t meet their “Climate Change Goals after 2014” by supplying electricity with natural gas generation!…………………….HUH?

What Climate Change?’s been getting colder haven’t ya noticed?………………we have an abundance of electricity generation, so much so that we pay our neighbours to take it off our hands………….we have a Wind Turbine development that isn’t supplying any reliable electricity to our grid……..ZERO, NADA………..

On top of that little overlooked reality, Miller’s Government has literally doubled the price of electricity making people now enjoy Energy Poverty, and it has also driven up so much debt in their Green and Whacky plans for Ontario that Ontario has now been reduced to a have not Province and is nothing more than a virtual dead beat location for any Industrial development other than huge useless Wind Turbine idiocy.

This man has to issue a report every so often and I guess nobody could fault him for propping up an employer like the Liberal Government in order for him to continue sucking tax payers money into his income base along with his 24 employees who keep this “Commission”, necessary!

He’s called the “Environmental Watchdog” but more correctly should be called the “Environmental Climate Change Slumdog”!

Here’s OUR report from the streets of Rural Ontario and it won’t cost anyone a single penny………………FAILED!

All that’s wrong with the Climate Change and the Green Energy Act that follows is that they are being propped up like a “dead man walking” by these type of mouth-pieces and WE now KNOW that the whole Green Energy strategy is nothing more than a giant FRAUD!

Environmental Commissioner warns of setback in fight against climate change

Wednesday, June 05, 2013   by: Staff



Environmental Commissioner warns of setback in fight against climate change

TORONTO – Ontario’s Environmental Commissioner Gord Miller says the government’s long-term energy policy could wipe out some of the gains that have been made in reducing greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions.

Gord Miller today released Failing our Future, his 2013 annual report on the progress made in working towards the GHG reduction targets outlined in the government’s Climate Change Action Plan.

In its 2007 Climate Change Action Plan, the Ontario government established three targets for the reduction of greenhouse gases:

  • 6 percent below 1990 levels by 2014 (to approximately 166 megatonnes or Mt)
  • 15 percent below 1990 levels by 2020 (to approximately 150 Mt)
  • 80 percent below 1990 levels by 2050 (to approximately 35 Mt)

“The government is on track to meet 91 percent of its 2014 target, but I am worried about what comes after 2014,” said Miller.

Failing our Future highlights that the Ontario government will only achieve 60 percent of the reductions necessary to meet its 2020 target for reducing GHG emissions.

“One of the reasons for this shortfall,” says Miller, “is the increased reliance on natural gas to generate electricity.”

According to the Ontario Power Authority (OPA), natural gas is expected to play an important role in meeting electricity demand in the future, especially when nuclear plants are refurbished in and around 2020/2021.

“This increased use of natural gas could lead to a rise in GHG emissions of between 4 and 16 Mt, depending on factors such as the existing generation capacity and weather,” says Miller.


  1. madasabat says:

    Wasting tax dollars funding an imbecile
    like Miller is indeed ‘Failing our Future.’

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