Esther Wrightman’s story on Nextera’s lawsuit on TV

Posted: June 5, 2013 in Uncategorized

Esther Wrightman is being interviewed by Ezra Levant about the lawsuit brought against her by Wind Company, Nextera Energy.

Esther explains how she has fought peacefully against Nextera’s plans to flood her township with monstrosities and has been ordered by Nextera’s lawyers to cease and desist her public criticism!

Nextera’s tactics include the cutting down of a Bald Eagle’s nest months ago with the blessings of our own Liberal Government and our Ministry of Natural Resources.

This whole situation has gone from the sublime to the ridiculous, unless you’re a top-paid gaggle of lawyers!

  1. Anonymous says:

    Can I correct the two comments made on June 9, 2013. I wish not to be anonymous. My name is George Heighington and I was the instrumental resident in taking 48 citizens through the courts. We kept looking for someone to lead us out of the wilderness. In the end, we had to do it ourselves with the strong support of Doug Crane Q.C. , a lawyer with a strong social conscience.

    In the case of the windmills, both Federal and Provincial Governments have ownership as they created the laws to allow these things to take place. The white noise from the windmills and unlike traffic noise which is up and down. The windmills runs constantly with the same white noise

    Wait till we see the solar panels after 10 years as they do contain some interesting materials that break down.

    Be careful of Universities, Environmental Groups as they all need Government funding to survive and as the media, they need advertisers to survive.

    Do your homework. Make sure you have the facts, the public sympathy and when you hire a lawyer, you become the full time unpaid assistance.

  2. Anonymous says:

    Peter Lewington’s book, No Right of Way as published in the USA. He had to take the Toronto Star to the Press Council ( 1974). Other cases which may give some confidence.
    1986- two farmers on the QEW, took the Dept of Transport to court over salt damage to the their trees- they were successful at the Supreme Court of Canada
    1987- Heighington et al v Ontario- 48 multicultural families of lower socioeconomics took the Ontario Crown to the Supreme Court of Ontario and the Appeals Court of Ontario- successfully. In1982, they reduced the property taxes to a one hundred dollar nominal assessment, base on willing seller to willing buyer. A subdivision was built on radioactive waste Dump. At this writing, publishers will not publish the book
    200+ Berendsen v Ontario, A diary farmer on HWY 6 Guelph found that his cow hated the water. The Dept of Transport had dump asphalt in the swamp in 1963. He started in 1983 and 2000 receive leave from the Supreme Court of Canada . At the Supreme Court of Ontario, he was successful. At the appeals court the puppet masters took control and he lost. Four days before the Supreme Court of Canada opened, a settlement was reached. The Appeal Court judgement stands.

  3. Anonymous says:

    Read the Book ” No Right of Way by Peter Lewington, Iowa State U. Peter of SW Ontario, took the pipeline companies to court over the destruction of the farm fields and tile beds

  4. Kevon Martis says:

    FPL Corporate Office Headquarters HQ
    700 Universe Boulevard
    Juno Beach, FL 33408
    Corporate Phone Number: 1-561-694-4000
    Fax Number: 1-561-694-4999
    Customer Service Number: 1-800-226-3545

  5. Does anyone have NextEra’s phone number??? If so, please post it. Thanks

  6. Brent Green says:

    I think anyone and everyone that has had there lives disrupted by wind turbines should be on board with Esther I have lived with Turbines behind my home going on 5 years now and they starting affecting my life as soon as they were up and running the noise was the worst then the strobe light we get in our home in the morning depending on the angle of the turbines then being labelled as a problem neighbor by some that say I am bringing property values down by posting my stop the turbine signs I can’t believe someone would blame me for property values when the turbines are 660 meters close to our properties so Esther I stand with you and your concerns . Brent Green

  7. 1957chev says:

    This can only serve to further alienate the public against the company that is claiming damages. What a ridiculous action to take. No one in their right mind would have thought, even for a fraction of a moment, that Nexterror was a company affiliated with Nextera. Everyone knew then, and still knows now, that Nextera did indeed earn that name for themselves, because of their bullying tactics with rural residents, their disgusting reputation South of the Border, (where they came from), and their willingness to destroy Eagles nests, in order to put up their ridiculous, bird-chopping industrial wind turbines. Esther was merely stating the obvious, in an amusing way, to lighten the mood of people who are truly suffering at the hands of this company. Nextera, and it’s hired guns, are their own worst enemy.

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