Nextera opens it’s own can of worms!

Posted: June 4, 2013 in Uncategorized

When a foreign company does business in Canada and decides to attack one of it’s citizens because they took issue with their destructive Wind Turbine installation tactics, the inevitable outrage from Democratic Canadians should be expected!

Esther Wrightman is just an ordinary hard working honest Rural Ontarian and has what some could call GUTS!

I call it Bravery and we should all be thankful that we can call people like Esther our neighbour!!!!

Note to Nextera: Your Not Welcome Here in Ontario!……………and didn’t anyone mention that the Wind Warriors your suing actually brought down a whole political party in the last election?…………….someone should have told you!

  1. […] one of their biggest developers sues a citizen of this once great Province for criticising their operation then that pretty well sums up the type of people we are dealing with […]

  2. […] woman, Esther Wrightman, will be the poster girl for our struggle with Wynne and her cohorts for her support for a multi […]

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