Nextera suing Ontario Citizen for trying to protect her family and neighbouring wildlife from harm!

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Here’s the end result of McGuinty’s Green Energy Plan signed into law in 2009.

It has attracted a bevy of disgusting investment style Industrialists who literally destroy wildlife habitats, human health and render Rural Ontario Townships basically uninhabitable!

It has attracted foreign developers of Wind Turbine  complexes that know “no bounds” in the destruction of  homes of Wildlife such as Eagles and the living conditions of Ontario Citizens. and then when confronted with their disgusting actions, THEY SUE!

Destruction of Eagle’s Nest by Nextera and our own MNR:

Nextera’s spin on Eagle Nest Destruction:

They sue townships, people, in fact anything that gets in their way either gets cut down or bulldozed over by machinery and/or legal suits!

Of course what’s a lawsuit here or there when one stands to lose millions to some “righteous” citizen who thinks that people really should matter over the almighty drive for a quick buck!

This is all that’s wrong with the state of the Wind Industry in this Province. Arrogance, Disrespect for the Law of the Land, and most of all no respect at all if the odd family has to abandon their homes or stay and suffer major health issues!

Nextera’s track record south of the border is nothing for them to write home about and is apparently making themselves about as popular up here in Ontario as they did down in the U.S.A.

This firm seems to have a pretty constant track record for lawsuits and “questionable business behaviour”? ….READ ON:…

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The following lady, Esther, was told to “shut it down” by Nextera and their legal hit men YET she has decided to take this fight to the next level………….COURT!

This should be good because these Wind Developers only get their plans done under the darkness of silence. This should be a first whereby this Company will have to open it’s mouth in defence of it’s less than savory actions up until now.

Stay tuned for a detailed coverage of just how one person can actually stop a hoard of greedy carpetbaggers who will go to any lengths to make a buck!

Esther the Giant Slayer (Ontario, Canada)

Apr 8, 2013


She’s stands 5 feet tall, weighs 100 pounds, and is going eyeball to eyeball with one of North America’s mightiest wind energy companies.

So far, neither Esther nor NextEra has blinked.

Esther Wrightman publicly and unabashedly contends NextEra Energy has committed acts of terrorism against her community—against both people and wildlife.

NextEra has responded by hiring a Toronto law firm to notify the young mother of two that they have had enough of Mrs. Wrightman referring to them as “NextTerror” or “NextError.”  Iquote:

All such uses of the NextEra name and logo in the Video, the Second Video and on the Website are unsanctioned, in violation of NextEra’s intellectual property rights, and defamatory.

Accordingly, please remove the Video and Second Video from and any other internet sites, and please remove all pages and postings from the Website that contain the altered “NEXTerror” and “Nextterror Bullies Canada Inc.” logos or the word “NextTerror” by Friday, March 22, 2013 at 5:00pm and confirm that you have done so.

Failing removal of the Video, Second Video, the “NEXTerror” and “Nextterror Bullies Canada Inc.” logos and “NextTerror” word from the Website, NextEra will take the legal steps necessary to ensure removal.

While we sincerely hope that we can engage in a discussion of these issues and that legal action will not be required, NextEra reserves all of its other legal rights and remedies, including an action for damages or defamation as appropriate.”

As of this writing, this is where matters stand.  Deadlocked.

Esther tells that she took a call this morning from a breathless reporter asking “if I had to ‘think about it’ before responding to NextEra.”

“Well yeah,” she matter-of-factly replied, “but it wasn’t a matter of whether I’d fight it; it was a matter of how I’d fight it.”

Click here to read how Esther is fighting it.

She intends to defend her charge in a court of law, if necessary, and prove that NextEra is intimidating, bullying, bungling, nasty, and hurtful to her community and protected wildlife. (NextEra recently created an uproar when it audaciously removed, with government approval, and “re-located” an active eagle’s nest in order to build wind turbines nearby. Esther and her colleagues filmed the event, which they judged—quite rightly—despicable.)

david and goliath

Armed with nothing more than a high school education, the unqualified support of a husband who is disabled and out of work owing to an acoustically toxic workplace, a courage and sense of righteousness to match the biblical David, and abundant brains (read her response to NextEra; a Harvard-trained lawyer could not have done better)—this mom is going to take on Mr. Big.  Before a judge, if necessary.  Certainly before a huge public audience.  (Click open “Ontario Wind Resistance” and notice that there are, at last count, 98 Comments to Esther’s article—an article which has gone viral around the world.)


If I may address a note to Esther:

Young lady, you’re a hero! You’ve grabbed Goliath by his beard and told him he’s a bully and a philistine.  And you’re not backing down, even as he threatens you with calamity.

My dear, the eyes of the world are on you.  Already we are getting emails about you from Denmark, Spain, and Australia, and many from the USA and of course Canada.

Well done!”

And if I may address NextEra:

You folks have maneuvered yourselves into a corner.  There is little doubt you could win a lawsuit.  There is even less doubt you would lose—spectacularly—the public relations battle.

Rural Ontario is a powder keg of outrage over what wind developers like you have done to communities—a powder keg waiting for a spark to trigger massive, convulsive civil disobedience.  People are made ill by wind turbines built too close to their homes.  Many of these Wind Turbine Syndrome victims have abandoned their homes.

This diminutive mom may turn out to be the spark that triggers a major push-back.  I suggest you re-read the Old Testament story of David & Goliath.

By the way, many of us, including Dr. Nina Pierpont and Dr. Sarah Laurie (Australia), have volunteered to testify on Esther’s behalf.  Drs. Pierpont & Laurie would relish explaining to a judge and jury how wind energy companies willfully and recklessly harm people’s health.  Which may be why Esther pointedly uses the word “terrorism.”

I realize you folks have no quarrel with her right to resort to the word “terrorism”; your point is that she does not have the right to pin it to your company name.  As I say, legally you may be proven correct.  Morally, however, may be a different story.  Inevitably, a legal confrontation will generate a moral confrontation, where the latter will dwarf the former in significance.

Think carefully how you proceed down this slippery slope.


LAWSUIT and Defendent’s Statement of Defence

  1. […] story of Esther Wrightman’s forced move is all that is bad about McGuinty/Wynne’s energy sector and the fact that an honest hard working mother had to move her family out of Ontario […]

  2. […] Not only are lawsuits common with Wind Developers but seem to be the norm when honest hard working Ontario citizens try and fight back against the assault on their homes lands and health with the out of control siting of Wind “Farms” (disasters) such as the lawsuit against Esther Wrightman who calls Nextera, “Nexterror” […]

  3. […] Not only are lawsuits common with Wind Developers but seem to be the norm when honest hard working Ontario citizens try and fight back against the assault on their homes lands and health with the out of control siting of Wind “Farms” (disasters) such as the lawsuit against Esther Wrightman who calls Nextera, “Nexterror” […]

  4. […] Not only are lawsuits common with Wind Developers but seem to be the norm when honest hard working Ontario citizens try and fight back against the assault on their homes lands and health with the out of control siting of Wind “Farms” (disasters) such as the lawsuit against Esther Wrightman who calls Nextera, “Nexterror” […]

  5. Jim Wiegand says:

    This is terrible but true. Nobody has a history of killing eagles like the wind energy company NextEra. So if you were an eagle it would make perfect sense that their turbines would be terrifying. If you were an eagle minding your own business and had your wing severed from a slashing blade, knowing you were going to die, this would certainly seem like an act of terror. Thousands of eagles have died this way. If you had just fledged your offspring and while they were learning to hunt, had them butchered by nearby turbines, this would also seem to be terrifying. . The charity that NexEra wants to donate any settlement funds to should come out and say they want no part in any of this. I think a better idea would be for NextEra to donate any settlement funds to a truly independent Wildlife Biologist, for proper wind turbine mortality and cumulative impact studies.

  6. Pristine Superior says:

    NexEra Energy:

    Ranks No. 1 in its sector in Fortune Magazine’s 2011-2012 World’s Most Admired Companies

    IN ITS SECTOR says it all…that would be the wind industry writ large. Bullies all.

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