Two “Green Advocates” get to publish misinformation in the Toronto Star!

Posted: May 28, 2013 in Uncategorized

Shame on you Toronto Star!

Kris Stevens of the Ontario Sustainable Energy Association (OSEA) and Gillian McEachern of Environmental Defence (ED) must have backroom buddies inside the Toronto Star in order to get their “psycho-babble” published as a “story” instead of having a masthead hovering over their misinformation and utter nonsense as an “Advertisement”!

Their “story” is exactly 180 degrees from the reality of our “green” energy sector which is one of the most expensive in North America, barely capable of running smoothly for more than a few hours due to the fluctuations of wind and solar generation and has created basically zero jobs and could well be the reason for thousands of job losses due to the loss of Industry due to excessive electricity costs!

YET……………never let a litany of untruths get in the way of a good “story” (advertisement)!

This story by the Star serves no other purpose than to attempt to legitimize these two “not for profit” entities which are fighting for their very existence because of concerned citizens who are now exposing the Green Fraud for what it really is. A gigantic FRAUD!

I won’t quote one single word fro the Star’s story (advertisement) as I have some respect for my keyboard and I had a rather filling meal that I want to keep down. You can read it in the post below. For these two “Green Cheerleaders” to condone let alone praise this Green Energy Act that was signed by McGuinty, Horwath and Wynne seems to be a blatant attempt to patronize the political “players” in Ontario’s massive downfall and to keep them in good stead with the troughers who occupy Queen’s Park presently and who have to be held accountable for Ontario’s massive debt load and scandal plagued non stop clown show!

Come election day I’m sure these people will be shaking in their boots trying to figure out “what went wrong”.

Here’s what happened…………….the TRUTH came out!

Green Energy and Green Economy Act Birthday Blues

An “opinion” piece in the Toronto Star written by Kris Stevens of the Ontario Sustainable Energy Association (OSEA) and Gillian McEachern of Environmental Defence (ED) extolls the wonders of the captioned Act on its fourth birthday. They ramble on about what it has done for the economy, the jobs it has created and how it’s “non-existent health impacts” are simply “fearmongering” by anti-wind groups! They also claim a myriad of hurricanes, droughts and heat waves are caused by “climate change” despite the IPCC and other climate scientists reversal of that claim.

The article is wrong on all counts but, because both of these entities were involved in helping to write the Act they believe in it!

In the four years since the Act passed ratepayers have seen the cost of electricity climb well beyond inflation; off-peak time-of use rates are up 60%, mid-peak 37% and on-peak 34%. Those increases don’t yet include the cost of the gas plants (to back up intermittent wind and solar generation) or the $585 million cost of their moves to Lambton and Bath.

In that period of time OPG has seen its production fall 22% and the average price it receives climb by 22%. OPG’s ability to temper price increases driven by expensive wind and solar generation will be affected by expensive additions to its hydro fleet that add marginal new clean energy. Both Big Becky ($1.6 billion) and the Mattagami ($2.6 billion) projects will drive up ratepayers bills and produce power when we don’t need it (Spring freshet) but were ordered built by Energy Minister directives.

The other issue touted by the OSEA and ED crowd are the jobs the Act has reputedly created and the most recent claims of 31,000. That myth was dispelled via a document Tom Adams obtained under a freedom of information request which indicated only 3,803 jobs (direct and indirect) were created (as of October 2012) while the former Energy Minister, Chris Bentley was claiming 30,000.

Those “non-existent health impacts” have also recently been held up for scrutiny by the Ostrander Point Environmental Review Tribunal (ERT) where many post turbine victims have testified under oath and produced medical records to support their claims of harm when living in close proximity to industrial wind turbines (IWT)! Non-existent health impacts are easy to contend if you reside in an urban setting unexposed to audible and infra-sound noise generated by 500 foot IWTs with a blade sweep of over 300 feet!

The ruling of the WTO in respect to local content rules is described as “disappointing” by Stevens and McEachern but they tout “Ontario’s lead” and suggest “backing away” leaves “money and jobs on the table.” They propose pushing ahead with a “vision for more renewable energy beyond 2018”.

It appears OSEA and ED are not content to see Ontario with merely the highest electricity prices in Canada but are pushing to make us the highest of all the developed nations.

Ya, Happy Birthday and goodbye future prosperity!

Parker Gallant,
May 28, 2013


  1. […] of Energy Policy to a non elected, not wanted, actually hated, group of Green schemers called Ontario Sustainable Energy Association run by Kris Stevens which was originally the Green Energy Act Alliance that stumped around the Province, trying to sell […]

  2. madasabat says:

    Unfortunate that one could not levy some kind of
    charge against the Star for publishing stupidity
    of that magnitude.

  3. And the really frustrating part about that article is that the Star didn’t provide a comment section below it. I find that is the case with many Star articles, if they know there will be a huge backlash of opinions. Cowards!

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