How young minds are being “poisoned” by Green Activists!

Posted: May 27, 2013 in Uncategorized

Older folks, like the ones who make up most of the intelligence of the World today, KNOW what reality is from fiction when it comes to false claims and outright lies being spouted by the likes of Suzuki, Gore and McKibben, among many others who have “elevated” themselves above the unwashed and unclean humans of the world.

These false prophets are targeting the young minds of today’s colleges and universities in trying to feed their evil and destructive messages that the World has gone to Hell in a bread basket because of human consumption and WE crazed consumers should all give up their idyllic lifestyles and move back into a hunter and gatherer society that won’t produce C02, even though that means we all live in a cave and cook our food over candles!!!

Young minds are ripe for the picking and without any questioning of authority we are seeing what can happen like the Brown Shirt Days of old Adolph!

Todays newly created green youngsters could well be called the “Green Shirts”.

Idealistic goody two shoes who travel around the world spouting nonsense and crazy philosophies that have all the trappings of a James Cameron movie!

When the phrase “get a life” came out many years ago it was targeted at just such a group of fools on a fools errand!

The Divestment Dreamworld

May 26, 2013 at 1:09 pm

The campus fossil-fuel divestment campaign may be stylish, but it’s short on substance.

Climate activist Bill McKibben has worked hard since last November. Touring American college campuses, speaking to sold-out audiences, he has urged students to target their schools’ investment funds.

In his opinion, fossil fuel companies are evil and it’s therefore immoral for colleges to profit from buying their stocks. His simple-minded analysis is captured by a graphic displayed on, one of the websites with which he is associated:


Apparently, when carbon dioxide is combined with money the world turns into a fireball.

But CO2 is a byproduct of virtually everything we humans do. Such as breathing. Such as baking bread. Healthy plants rely on CO2 to such an extent that commercial greenhouses add it to their climate-controlled atmospheres. This speeds up growth, increases yields, and makes plants more drought-resistant.

Those of us who are passionate gardeners understand that, while too much of anything can be a bad thing, the great outdoors would be noticeably more lush if the amount of CO2 in our atmosphere were to magically double or triple.

An elevated CO2 level is only something to get alarmed by if you are prepared to accept an assumption made by the people who program climate models. That assumption says that planet Earth (which, let us remind ourselves, has managed to keep itself intact for 4.5 billion years), is so unstable that a trivial change in atmospheric CO2 will set off a chain reaction that will amplify a small temperature increase by two, three, or more hundred percent. This mechanism is called positive feedback.

Climate scientists believe that positive feedbacks dominate our climate system – even though negative feedbacks are the norm. (In a negative feedback scenario, a change in one area is automatically counteracted by adjustments elsewhere – thus ensuring a system’s overall stability.) To quote Warren Meyer, a mechanical engineer who has done academic work in this area:

Almost every process you can think of in nature operates by negative feedback.

Climate scientists, many of whom have been exposed to eco-apocalyptic narratives their entire lives, have no proof that their positive feedback theory is correct. They simply regard it as a given.

In other words, if positive feedbacks were not programmed into their climate models, the climate crisis would not exist. That’s the honest-to-goodness, plain-speaking, truth.

But let us return to the planet-as-fireball graphic. Like all brilliant pieces of propaganda, it waves away the inconvenient, messy real world and substitutes a silly fiction.

Activists are currently targeting fossil fuel companies such as oil producers and coal mines. But if emitting carbon dioxide while making money turns people into planet killers, we’re all guilty.


  1. Anonymous says:

    On Monday April 2008, in addition to Carleton U Professor Glen Toner – another noteworthy witness spoke to the Parliament of Canada’s Standing Committee on Environment and Development.

    David Suzuki Foundation: Pierre Sadik, Senior Policy Advisor, Sustainability Specialist
    Excerpt from near the beginning of his opening remarks:
    ” This bill is based on a model national sustainability act that the Suzuki Foundation released in December 2006. When Dr. Thomas Gunton of Simon Fraser University and I co-authored this model, we could scarcely have hoped that it would receive such solid support and that we would find it before committee a scant 18 months after we released that report. For that and for enabling this bill to move forward again today, we have each and every one of you to thank.”

    On Wednesday April 30 2008, in addition to the interesting comments presented by Carleton U Professor James Meadowcroft – Mr. Daniel Petit (Charlesbourg-Haute-Saint-Charles, CPC) offered his words of wisdom:
    Direct link:
    “These are major issues. We are opening up a can of worms with this. In
    a way, this almost looks like a Soviet-style plan.”
    “Ultimately, if we pass this, we have to expect that problems will arise
    sooner or later.”

    The Harper Tories enacted the Federal Sustainable Development Development Act (FSDA) in June 2008:
    Printable format:

    “Our” complementary Federal Sustainable Development Strategy (FSDS):
    Printable format:

    Click to access FSDS_v4_EN.pdf

    Canada reports on “our” progress (at sliding into ‘sustainable’ tyranny?):
    (June 2011) The Progress Report on the Federal Sustainable Development Strategy 2010-2013:
    Printable format (67 pages):

    Click to access FSDS-PR-06-2011.pdf

  2. Anonymous says:

    Steve Milloy – biostastician, lawyer, founder and publisher of – wraps up his recent speech on Environmentalism and academia, at the National Association of Scholars 25th anniversary event in New York City, with his own summary of the ‘Sustainability’ Movement and Agenda 21 – followed by Q&A period :

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