Why do Toronto Citizens allow Metrolinx to even operate?

Posted: May 26, 2013 in Uncategorized

This organization is anything but a friend of Toronto’s citizens and continuously tries to suck more and more money out of the overtaxed and over regulated homeowners of Toronto!

Insane and costly suggestions just keep pouring out of this bloated bureaucratic monstrosity on a weekly basis and should just be “banned” from operating anymore for being a threat to the survival of Toronto’s residents due to it’s agenda to shut down the transportation to and from the City by any “outsiders”

We have exposed this arm of the “U.N’ before and keep hammering away at this left-leaning “holier than thou gaggle of gerbils” .

As stated before, Toronto has always had a congestion problem and for many decades people have had to leave earlier and earlier to get to work from the suburbs and endure later arrivals back home. For some insane reason they still get into the city and out of the city by having patience, using ingenuity and getting to know the alternate routes that serve their specific needs.

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Metrolinx thinks that EVERYONE should be treated the same and endure the “misery of their pie in the sky plans” for a smooth good for one good for all approach to commuting.

In actuality they want to literally shut down the city and program it like some massive Chinese megopolis that forces everyone to lose their individuality and assume the “collective’s agenda”! Sounds like a Bee Hive to you?

Don’t believe one single word from this group of miscreants………….they mean harm and disarray, not an answer to grid lock!!!!

Metrolinx backs hikes in HST, gas tax and new parking levy

By:  Transportation reporter, Published on Sun May 26 2013

Cost to average GTA household would be an estimated $477 to pay for new subway and more.

Metrollinx’s Big Move projects are meant to ease gridlock and unleash productivity.

It will cost the average Toronto region household an additional $477 a year in taxes to overcome a generation of public transit neglect and crippling road congestion under a transit investment strategy being unveiled by Metrolinx on Monday.

The Toronto Star has learned that the provincial transportation agency is recommending a 1 per cent sales tax, 5-cent/litre gas tax, a 25-cent-per-day non-residential parking levy and a 15 per cent hike in development charges to raise just over $2 billion annually.

That’s the cost of building the Metrolinx 25-year, $50-billion Big Move transportation plan. It calls for more than triple the region’s 500 km of rapid transit to about 1,700 km and would put a transit stop within 2 km of 75 per cent of residents.

The impact on taxpayers is far less than the $1,600 a year Metrolinx estimates congestion costs the average regional household. It is also less than half the $1,000 floated recently by some local politicians.

Five years in the making, the funding plan represents “a watershed moment” for the region, said Metrolinx CEO Bruce McCuaig in an interview last week.

He said his agency has done its best to come up with a strategy that reflects residents’ hunger for accountability and fairness in the way the money is collected and distributed. Now it’s up to the province to consider implementing the plan.

“These are difficult choices but they’re important choices,” said McCuaig, adding that he’s confident Premier Kathleen Wynne understands the urgency of the region’s mounting $6 billion-a-year congestion crisis for business and quality of life.

Without a stable, dedicated source of funding, the Toronto area’s transportation system won’t improve, he said.



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