FINALLY! … people are waking up and realizing that Agenda 21 and it’s proponents are TREASONOUS!

Posted: May 23, 2013 in Uncategorized

Many years of apathy and misinformation have basically lulled the world’s populace into a coma of complacency and inactivity on being “politically connected” when it comes to the actions of elected leaders and Non Profit agencies that promote fraudulent “Green and Global Warming BS”!

Some States in the U.S. have already OUTLAWED this despicable plan for Western Society’s destruction!

Allowing these promoters of fraud to get away with Global Warming fear mongering all based on absolute lies and fake reports and then legislate actions that are so insane and out of touch with reality has allowed these “players” to think they are “above the fray”!


Their insidious actions and treasonous greedy plans are now spread out in the light of day like a filleted fish! Agenda 21 is behind every action that Federal, Provincial and Municipal Governments have made that affect ordinary land owners in a  negative way!

The following post will show you how just ordinary people respond to the outlandish arrogance of corrupt and hijacked politicians are being viewed and will show that WE must take back complete control of OUR local Councils to rid this rot and corruption out of our affairs once and for all!

Agenda 21 opponents fear totalitarian take over of the world, A philosophy attempting to change life, government: MPP Jack MacLaren

Posted May 23, 2013 By Steve Newman

 Henry Tuck addresses Horton council with his concerns about Agenda 21, a worldwide movement that he says will restrict the freedoms of property owners, especially in rural areas.

Henry Tuck

EMC news -Henry Tuck of Goshen continues to spread the word that a worldwide movement, called Agenda 21, is using global warming and other environmental issues to place restrictions on property owners, especially in rural areas.

Tuck brought to Horton Township’s planning committee meeting May 14 a globe wrapped in red barbed wire, explaining, “It represents the red tape these environmental freaks are putting around our planet.”

Members falling into that category, he said, include members of the International Council for Local Environmental Issues (including the Federation of Canadian Municipalities) and the Sierra Club.

Examples of the Agenda 21 movement, said Tuck, include Ontario’s Endangered Species Act and Renfrew County’s own strategic plan.

While some suggest this is a conspiracy theory, Carleton-Mississippi MPP Jack MacLaren says that’s not the case after hearing a similar, but longer, presentation before about a dozen Progressive Conservative MPPs at Queen’s Park on Tuesday, May 14.

The hour-long presentation was by Toronto planner Jessica Annis.

It’s not a conspiracy theory, but a philosophy that’s alive and well, insisted MacLaren, a past president of the Ontario Landowners Association before he was elected to Queen’s Park “We’re not off our rockers. Not Jack MacLaren, not Jessica Annis, and not Henry Tuck,” said MacLaren.

“We have to educate people about the fact that Agenda 21 exists because its object is to change the way we live and how we’re governed.”

For example, said MacLaren, “I agree with species protection, but how you do that is my main beef with the Endangered Species Act.”

Renfrew-Nipissing-Pembroke MPP John Yakabuski was unable to attend the presentation at Queen’s Park because of a conflicting meeting.

Tuck told Horton’s planning committee that this is an apolitical issue that should “greatly concern every woman and child in our rural communities, no matter what their

colours or leanings. This grave threat to our rural life, forestry jobs, almost any industry, ranching, farming, and the right to determine our own homegrown destiny, is very real, insidious and pervasive.”

Tuck was given 15 minutes to address Horton’s planning committee.

“I felt I did a terrible job at Horton Township, and I did not cover as much ground as desired,” Tuck said.


Tuck maintained the United Nations Agenda 21 (formerly called Local Agenda 21) is being implemented by the International Council for Local Environmental Issues (ICLEI), which he said has already been banned in a few American states.

The Agenda 21 strategy, says Tuck, is sold as a local initiative, but is really a top-down strategy from national government agencies and environmental non-government agencies headquartered in Germany.

Tuck called Agenda 21 a “totalitarian political ideology masquerading as an environmental movement.”


  1. Mark Golden says:

    Hey Henry have you ever heard of Steven Goddard blog? Check it out.

  2. […] it is the front for Government control over your lands resources and liberty. It’s called Agenda 21 and is now labelled “Sustainable Development”, which are the code words for TOTAL […]

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