Wind Company “proud of cutting down Eagle’s Nest”! …. the twisted logic of Greed Energy!

Posted: May 14, 2013 in Uncategorized

In this upside down world of “Green Greed”  it makes perfect sense to “spin the stories of slaughter and destruction of wildlife” so that Green Investors are protected by their mentors in the Wind Industry from losing their valuable $$$$ that sit in their various “do-good portfolios”.

Wouldn’t want to go to a cocktail party where fellow investors all click their glasses of Dom Perignon together and give each other high fives for investing in companies that save the world from C02 poisoning by having the real world of eco-destruction hampering their feel good moments!

Reality sucks eh? While Bay Streeters beat their chests for making another “killing” in their green portfolios, the real “killing” is far away in Rural Ontario with Eagle’s nests being chopped down, massive bat deaths occurring by the day, endangered species being removed from the planet, human beings being forced from their home, and fertile farm lands being laid fallow by the ever increasing need to fraudulently create an industry that just keeps on TAKING from our Environs.

This is the legacy that is the Green Energy Act and will be felt for decades to come.

Count your Green Bucks and feel the breath of discontent on your back you “fake Environmentalists”!

Displaced Haldimand eagles move into replacement nests

By Monte Sonnenberg, Simcoe Reformer

JARVIS – The wind energy company Nextera suffered a public relations setback last fall when it dismantled a tree containing an eagle’s nest near Fisherville.

With the permission of the Ministry of Natural Resources, Nextera did the deed at dawn on a November morning. The nest was a recent addition to the neighbourhood and was located where three wind turbines were ready to go.

By time the tree was down, a large, angry crowd had gathered. The OPP attended to keep an eye on things. The mating pair that had been displaced also watched from some nearby trees. Over the next 48 hours, outrage spread across Ontario and beyond.

But the story has a happy ending. Nextera pledged to make the situation right and now has claimed to do so. The company took out a half-page ad in Friday’s Simcoe Reformer telling about the five replacement nests it has built along the Haldimand shoreline and the “net benefit” they have provided to the resident eagle population.

One of the nests has been occupied by a breeding pair while a second breeding pair has shown interest in recent weeks in another of the vacant replacements.

“This wasn’t something we at Nextera were happy about,” spokesperson Josie Hernandez said Friday. “But we had to remove the nest to preserve the eagles. We’re very pleased this has been a success. It’s something we’re very proud of.”

Wind opponents reply that Nextera may be tooting its own horn prematurely.

“Sure they’re proud of what they’ve done,” says Ernie King of Cayuga, chair of Haldimand Wind Concerns. “But when these blades start turning and an eagle gets cut in half, how much of a success story will it be then? Sure they can pat themselves on the back. But that doesn’t change that they took down a nest that a pair of eagles made themselves to make room for three turbines.”


NextEra proud of removing American Bald Eagle Nest in Haldimand

Sea-eagle was cut in half by a turning turbine in Skagen, Denmark

Sea-eagle was cut in half by a turning turbine in Skagen, Denmark


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