Public Inquiry called to investigate Wind Industry …. health advocate targeted by “slanderous document”!

Posted: May 13, 2013 in Uncategorized

When the public finally demand that the Wind Industry be investigated by a Government Commission it appears the “gloves come off” and the dirty business of slander and false accusations becomes the norm when dealing with the Green Energy Fraud and Political allies who stand to lose their access to billions of $$$$$.

In Australia , like here in Canada and the U.S. we have many caring and professional individuals that are proving Wind Turbines are destroying people’s health along with their homes and lands and the wildlife surrounding them.

In Australia Doctor Sarah Laurie has led the charge to expose this massive Industrial disaster and is now the target of some very disgraceful individuals who obviously don’t want to be exposed for what they really are. Green Fraud Salesmen!

Below is the Press Release explaining the position.

Note to those who are trying to stifle this Inquiry:

When people get pushed too far for too long…………….they tend to push back harder!

  1. Anonymous says:

    IMO – A full Judicial Enquiry would be better than a “Public” Enquiry, since ALL major parties have indicated they support “Greed Energy”, ‘sustainable’ “Local Economic Development”, the blurring of government jurisdictions through “integration”, the empowerment of unelected NGO’s/bureaucracies through “Public-Private Partnerships and Local Agenda 21 impositions on the people through a soviet-style “strategic planning process” that complements ALL the latter injustices against the governed.

    Without a complete change of ideology AND having it consistently adhered to, a simple change of governing “major” party at any level (or local councillors) will mean getting more of the same-but-different “governANCE”.

    Everyone need to consider items like THIS:
    DECEMBER 5, 2012, Dakar (Senegal) – at a “United Cities and Local Governments” (UCLG) > “Capacity and Institution Building” (CIB) Working Group meeting from 12.30 – 14.00, at the Hotel Almadies:
    > the Cariled Program was discussed on pg 9:
    “The Federation of Canadian Municipalities (FCM) is mainstreaming the international dimension in the work of FCM and in the lobby towards the government. The national development cooperation agency CIDA has experienced budget cuts of 12% and staff reduction of 20%. FCM has been fortunate that the Minister wants to negotiate a long term municipal programme. The MPED programme is in its 2nd year of implementation (total of 5 years) and is being implemented in 7 countries, with 20 projects which link municipalities in Canada to the projects. The CariLED programme for Anglophone Caribbean countries has been approved (total budget of $23 million). As series of videos have been posted on the FCM website, that showcase practices of international projects with testimonials of partners (”

    >from top pg 16 – Excerpt:
    “Mr. Sebastien Hamel notes that also in Canada “governance” is not a key issue anymore. Therefore, MIC (Municipal International Cooperation) is now presented as a means to work on the policy areas that remain priority issues and to support these larger development goals. The argument needed to change a bit.”

    Did YOUR “local” municipal council approve their “Local Economic Development” staff’s participation in the CariLED program before that entire program gratefully later went up in scandal-plagued flames during February 2013, which resulted in with CIDA’s devolution within the larger “Foreign Affairs” department? How and why did the FCM and all its supporting “local municipality” members escape being burned by that blaze?

    ASK YOURSELF: Has any politician in Canada, or even Mr. Sebatien Hamel himself, been publicly asked for and then provided a satisfactory answer to the public and the media… as to precisely what he thought that “key issue” was with “governANCE” in Canada BEFORE this meeting date, as well as HOW, WHEN and WHY this “key issue” he was speaking of had apparently been rectified, so that to his mind it was “not a key issue anymore”?

    To the hapless “governed class” ie the taxpayers of Canada who increasingly have NO SAY between elections at every level of government — getting answers to such unaddressed questions regarding the FCM and it’s role in the unelected “governance” of Canadians may seem worthy of a Judicial Enquiry in itself?

    Should the hapless “governed class” be calling for such a Judicial investigation to include provincial “Local Government Associations” (eg: Ontario’s AMO) and the unelected “goveranANCE” roles that their assorted “actors”, wholly-owned “subsidiaries”, affiliated “consulting firms” and “Public-Private Partnership” NGO’s increasingly play Canada-wide?

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