ENOUGH!!!….end this “charade of a Government” NOW!…..call an election Horwath!

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This is a call to the NDP to end this destructive Government and it’s attack on Ontario Citizens NOW!


If there ever was a time in Ontario’s history where a political party has not only a reason but a DUTY to throw a Government out of abusive power, THIS IS IT!

We know the P.C.’s have declared unanimously to defeat this Government; the unbelievable rhetoric coming from the other Party in this charade of a Government, the NDP, are playing internal political games that continues to hold the Ontario citizens as hostages in their childish politico gamesmanship and that will determine this NDP gaggle of gerbils the same fate as the Liberals……..complete devastation for decades to come in the eyes of the voters!

That isn’t a threat…………..it’s a PROMISE!

Are you listening Horwath?…….you’d better!

Ontario Liberals: Lies, damned Lies, and statistics

The above quote, absent the “Ontario Liberals” is attributed to Disraeli, British PM and was later popularized by Mark Twain. That expression seems to reflect itself strongly in the ongoing enquiry into the Ontario gas plant moves with all of the Liberals appearing before the Justice Committee echoing common themes; “we were told the cost of the Oakville gas plant move was $40 million”, “the NDP & the PC parties wanted to move it too,” and the best one out of the mouth of the former Premier; McGuinty said his office couldn’t have been expected to have “the capacity” to do that kind of figuring, he said, and didn’t.

McGuinty was of course referring to the ability of calculating the additional costs (over and above the “sunk” costs) of the Oakville move. It is important to remember that the Oakville plant was cancelled in 2010 and negotiations with TransCanada were an ongoing thorn that resulted in McGuinty ordering David Livingston, CEO of Infrastructure Ontario to take over those negotiations. Later McGuinty appointed Livingston as his “Chief of Staff”. So was McGuinty saying he had no confidence in his Chief of Staff? As the CEO of Infrastructure Ontario, Livingston was responsible for the spending of billions of our tax dollars on hospitals, court houses, etc. so perhaps the Justice Committee should also examine the books of Infrastructure Ontario when they finish this enquiry.

The new Minister of Energy, Bob Chiarelli, blasted his opposition critics in the Legislature May 1, 2013 for not knowing the costs stating;

“I have in my hand a memorandum of understanding dated September 24, 2012. The same day that this memorandum was dated, it was posted on the website of the Ontario Power Authority. I find it absolutely appalling that that critic did not read this document. Not only that; he did not read the 261-page contract that sets out the arrangement between TransCanada and the province on this particular issue.  It’s very, very clear from this document that there are sunk costs. That number is identified. There’s a range of other items, savings as well as additional costs, that are included in this document. So the whole world knew, including him, if he had read this document, that there were other costs and savings that had to be calculated in the Oakville plant. Disgraceful.”

Interesting that the Minister would make that point mere days before Dalton McGuinty would testify, under oath, to the Justice Committee that his staff were not capable of doing the same calculations. Does the Minister’s “disgraceful” remark also apply to the former Premier and his staff? 
Minister Chiarelli on the same day also said;

“He continues to say that Colin Andersen said that everybody knew. I agree with Colin Andersen.Everybody knew. The only reason he doesn’t know is that he did not read the document that says there will be additional costs, additional savings, that need to be calculated.”

Now that remark by Minister Chiarelli could be interpreted as being directed at his former boss, Dalton McGuinty, but it wasn’t, as the Minister was again directing his indignities at the opposition.

Another recent event that Mr. Chiarelli had to respond to was the World Trade Organization’s (WTO) decision on Canada’s appeal on the ruling falling out of the Green Energy Act’s feed-in tariff (FIT) program and the local content requirement. The appeal by Canada was lost with the WTO ruling in favour of the EU and Japan meaning that the FIT rules will need to be changed. Chiarelli’s comments to the CBC said he was; “reviewing the ruling in consultation with the federal government. I’ll let that process continue before we determine our next steps.” and went on to say the province is not about to abandon its green energy initiative. “Our renewable energy sector has already created over 31,000 jobs and leveraged billions of dollars in investment,” he said.” The Council of Canadians and the Sierra Club were quite upset with the ruling and both suggested that Ontario should ignore the ruling. Two of Canada’s largest unions; the CAW and CEP were also upset and denounced the rulings.

It would appear that the effort to convince the Council of Canadians, the Sierra Club and the two unions about those jobs Minister Chiarelli says the GEA has created has been successful. Those parties, however might change their mind if they simply read some of the documents that have been disclosed to Tom Adams under the Freedom of Information Act. One of the documents disclosed the following facts related to the actual jobs created:

“Most of the jobs in renewable manufacturing are concentrated in the solar sector. The recent survey of manufacturers indicated that with respect to solar manufacturing there are 46 companies involved in the manufacturing of modules inverters and mounting systems for 2,023 direct manufacturing jobs and 1,780 indirect jobs.”

The 3803 jobs referred to in the report, (dated October 12, 2012) is a far cry from the 31,000 jobs that Minister Chiarelli continues to cite ad nauseam. He has probably forgotten that when the GEA was first passed in the Legislature in 2009 we were promised 50,000 jobs by December 2012. It would appear despite the billions of dollars that Ontario’s ratepayers are committed to paying in pursuit of renewable energy the total number of jobs created are far less then the jobs lost as a result of high electricity prices. It is time for Minister Chiarelli to fess up and tell the truth about this waste.

Back in March of this year an article in the Toronto Star about offshore wind developments included a quote from Robert Hornung, President of CanWEA on how the province would be reviewing its long term energy plan so I fired off an e-mail to the Energy Ministry’s office to see if Hornung had the inside track. What I got back was the following response;

“Thank you for your email concerning a possible review of the province’s Long-Term Energy Plan. I am happy to respond.
You noted in your email that Mr. Hornung of CanWEA indicated in a newspaper article that “the province is reviewing its long term energy plan this year”. At this point the Ministry of Energy has not indicated to the public any intent to undertake a review of the Long Term Energy Plan.”

A couple of weeks later another e-mail arrived from that same spokesperson

“Mr. Gallant:

I had the chance to hear you speak at the Ontario Power Conference this week and appreciated the opportunity. I returned to the office after the conference to find an email from you (dated Apr 11) back to our write2us address regarding the Long Term Energy Plan update and wanted to provide a response.

I understand your frustration and trust you can understand my original response as indicating that,at the time of your inquiry, there had been no public announcement with regards to an update of the Long Term Energy Plan. I wish that I’d had the chance to discuss this with you in person at the conference but hope this is helpful.”

By that time Minister Chiarelli had said there would be a review of the Long-Term Energy Plan on a radio interview and in his “keynote” address to the Ontario Power Conference which I participated in.

It is obvious from the foregoing exchange that Robert Hornung has the inside track when it comes to getting information from the Liberal Minister of Energy, Bob Chiarelli, along with the fat subsidies that Ontario ratepayers cough up for CanWEA’s members. The rest of us are lied to! At this point the Ministry has still not issued a press release relating to the planned review of the Long-Term Energy Plan but perhaps it is because the gas plant scandals are taking up too much of Minister Chiarelli’s time.

Minister Chiarelli, has also recently announced that he has directed the Ontario Power Authority (OPA) and the Independent Electricity System Operator (IESO) via a the press release “New Ontario Government Strengthens Energy Planning”. Did we all miss the election that put this “New” government in power and do we have faith in its ability to “plan” are the questions that come to mind?

In this press release the “new” government promises;

“To ensure that Ontario builds energy infrastructure in a process that respects communities, the government has asked two key agencies to develop a new regional energy planning process based on formal input from municipalities, communities and the energy sector.”

The inference that one must draw from this press release is that the “old” Liberal government got it wrong. While the press release doesn’t mention wind turbines, perhaps on the off chance that the media and the public will connect it only with the gas plant moves; Minister Chiarelli did state the following in the May 9, 2013 Legislature in response to an opposition question;

“I thank the member for the question. The member will know that the Ontario Power Authority has had standing-offer procurements for renewable energy. Through that process, over the last several years, we’ve created over 31,000 jobs. We have stated quite clearly in our speech from the throne, and the Premier has repeated, that we are looking and working together in a number of ministries to improve how we deal with the siting of renewable energy projects. I am pleased to announce that in the very near future we’ll have some new rules on the siting of renewable energy.

By including “renewable energy projects” remarks in the Legislature, Minister Chiarelli would seem to indicate the “old” Liberal government also got the siting of industrial wind turbines and perhaps solar panels wrong, along with those gas plant sites.

It appears that the “new” Minister of Energy, Bob Chiarelli, is attempting to distance himself and the “new” Premier from the lies of the “old” Liberal government who failed miserably to either engage the “local municipalities” or to “plan” properly.

Hmm, in this writer’s opinion the lies of the “new” Liberal government seem very much like the lies of the “old” Liberal government. The “new” government does seem to have the same problems with those “statistics” that have plagued the former Premier and those “old” energy ministers; Smitherman, Duncan, Duguid and Bentley.

Perhaps its time for the voters of Ontario to express their views; “Out with the old, in with the New” certainly comes to mind! 

Parker Gallant,
May 10, 2013


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