Hey Greenies!!!….here’s what the real Wind Turbine’s do…………slaughter wildlife!!!

Posted: May 7, 2013 in Uncategorized

Just in case you believe Al Gore, David Suzuki and all the other “wing nuts who preach Green Sustainable Renewable Energy is the way to go to save the World”, then look at these photos very very closely  and let them sink into your little pee brain of unrealistic and fruit loop ideas about what is good for nature and humans!

This is a SLAUGHTER of EAGLES and should be considered as the results of misguided and fraudulent propaganda promoted by a very small group of “people who pass themselves off as Environmentalists” for PROFIT only!

Shame on you!!!

Eagle chopped in half by wind

Jesper Lundh

May 6/2013

A young eagle was yesterday cut in two by a spinning windmill in Skagen. Danish Ornithological Society is in turmoil and believes that misplaced wind turbines can cost several birds.

The dead bird with a wingspan of 2.25 meters was found on the ground Sunday morning. The broad wings and the head was in one place – the eagle’s lower body with the long sharp claws were well away from the three wind turbines at Buttervej the outskirts of Skagen. It writes the Danish Ornithological Society, DOF.

“Early in the morning, six white-tailed eagles in a row of Skagen and they flew a round beyond Reserve and came near the branch before they flew south again in the fresh westerly wind. Probably the slain young eagle was one of the six white-tailed eagles in a row, “said Pedersen, who almost daily follow bird migration in Skagen.

Foto: Knud Pedersen.

Foto: Knud Pedersen.

  1. ang2013 says:

    I am Aboriginal and from the Eagle clan…hence I love Eagles, so any stories reflecting the them being killed makes me very sad. These beautiful creatures are already becoming extinct…we must do what we can to save them!!

  2. Gerti says:

    I’ am here in Germany, they plan to build up thousands of windturbines here. We are members of EPAW , we should all connect us against this
    horrible future for us and the nature
    we http://www.bi-stauferland.de are members of EPAW http://www.epaw.org
    and http://www.vernunftkraft.de

    • I was one of the first members of NAPAW, sister org of EPAW…..have been fighting against these monstrosities for over 5 years now……………biggest FRAUD in history!!!

  3. carolyn says:

    What the f… How can you live with yourselves !!!!

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