Rural Ontario being “SOLD OFF” to China by OUR own Government????….UPDATED!

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Ontario Mayors are now “salesmen” for OUR lands and resources???????

The “end-game” appears to be on track for Ontario’s Rural communities that have been virtually ruined by successive Provincial Governments with their Agenda 21, Sustainable Development attack on municipalities across Ontario. De-value properties, make them virtually unliveable with Green Wind projects, raise cost of living beyond ability to pay and when that is completed put up a huge “FOR SALE” sign on it for a foreign country to bid on it!

Here’s the formal plan for “Immigrant Placement” within South Western Ontario where the lands have been laid “fallow” by these Government policies!

Here is a “snippet” from the above document that shows clearly how the Government views a true Canadian: “

“Clearly, a Chinese immigrant possesses an advantage here over the typical Canadian.”

Is there any reason that 7 Mayors of Ontario’s Rural Towns have been “invited” to go on an “Investment” tour in China for ten days when thousands of Private Sector Companies have gone this way for years at their own expense for their own markets?

It seems to have started back in October at the Canada China Business Council in Markham where 13 Ontario Mayors attended a sales pitch by Chinese reps to lure them to China for negotiations over LAND available in Canada………………………. for WHAT?

Remember that these people are OUR elected representatives supposedly elected to represent our needs as citizens of each particular Municipality,NOT the interests of a foreign Government!

Agenda 21 (Sustainable Development  is not a very well liked word within Municipal Offices these days. As the public becomes more informed of what has been going on behind their backs inside Municipal politics and that is the de-population of Rural Ontario which is Agenda 21′s main purpose, Councillors become more agitated and nervous when confronted by informed citizens.

Just try it. Call your Municipal office and ask them if they are following Agenda 21′s local Government initiatives. You will be met with denial and when pushed, a rather aggressive “hang up”! If you get to this point then ask the Council about this little nugget of “Sustainable Development” that every Council in Ontario should have on it’s book shelves:  FCM’s Green Municipal Fund.*

Here’s a “snippet” of this document which clearly shows that Municipal Councils promote and adhere to Agenda 21 proposals in case your Councillor claims “he doesn’t know what your talking about!”

*Examples of SCPs: (Sustainable Community Plans)

• integrated community sustainability plans
• long-range sustainability plans
• Local Agenda 21 plans
• local action plans (for example, greenhouse
gas reduction plans)

That publication will lay out the United Nations engineered plans for virtually all loss of control over YOUR lands and resources for the “better good”!

How “entrenched” in Canada at all levels of Government and Business is Agenda 21 and it’s tenticles that are literally aimed at redefining our quality of life, our future and our present day Rights and Freedoms that have been  guaranteed by our forefathers who actually laid down their lives to ensure a Free and Democratic Canada?

Well, here is just one “think tank” all dressed up to represent large business and Education centres in order provide Global Governance guidelines for less than “enlightened” politicians.

Centre for International Governance Innovation


Spend some time on this little gathering and notice some “players” like RIM Canada and University of Waterloo who have millions of $$$ invested in setting up a policy panel which in turn advises Political leaders on how to manipulate the lands and resources that WE live on for investing in foreign countries. 

For a foreign Government to literally pay the way for an elected official to attend any type of negotiations regarding OUR sovereign lands could actually be perceived as bordering on treason.

The same type of trip in Vancouver triggered some outrage and obviously these Ontario Mayors are about to commit the same indiscretion.

Seven Lower Mainland mayors who went on a privately funded trip to China last month believed — as did most of their councillors — that they could accept the trip because it was being paid for by someone who was never going to do business in their municipalities or in Canada.

Seven Lower Mainland mayors who went on a privately funded trip to China last month believed — as did most of their councillors — that they could accept the trip because it was being paid for by someone who was never going to do business in their municipalities or in Canada.

But municipal experts and some critics say the new Community Charter legislation makes it clear that council members should not accept any gift from anyone, doing business or not, that is coming to them because of their positions.


Here is a report on an Ontario October meeting of Toronto Mayors that “mirrors” the Rural Mayor’s meeting with the Canada China Investment Association.

Mayors discuss doing business with China

Oct 04, 2012

China forum


Aurora Mayor Geoff Dawe (from left), Barrie Mayor Jeff Lehman, Chatham-Kent Mayor Randy Hope, Georgina Mayor Robert Grossi, London Mayor Joe Fontana, Markham Councillor Carolina Moretti, Niagara Falls Mayor James Diodati, Canada China Business Council executive director Sarah Kutulakos, Parry Sound Mayor Jamie McCarvey, Pickering Mayor Dave Ryan, Richmond Hill Mayor Dave Barrow, Vaughan Councillor Sandra Yeung Racco, Waterloo Mayor Brenda Halloran and Whitchurch-Stouffville Mayor Wayne Emmerson gathered at the Hilton Suites in Markham to discuss doing business with China.
Aurora BannerWe want a piece of you, China.
That’s the key message from the sales pitches of 13 Ontario mayors who met in Markham Tuesday to discuss that country’s economic impact during what was billed the Mayors’ Forum on China.
Even if you don’t like what you see, working up an appetite for China is better than saying you are not interested, Canada China Business Council executive director Sarah Kutulakos said.
“Even if you don’t want to do business with China, you need to have a China strategy,” she said. “It’s in your value chain, even if you pro-actively try not to do business with China.”
Six York municipalities had representatives at the forum, including Georgina Mayor Robert Grossi, Aurora Mayor Geoffrey Dawe, Markham Mayor Frank Scarpitti, Richmond Hill Mayor Dave Barrow, Vaughan Councillor Sandra Yeung Racco and Whitchurch-Stouffville Mayor Wayne Emmerson.
Vaughan Mayor Maurizio Bevilacqua was in Italy on a trade mission.
Mayor Scarpitti couldn’t stay for the panel discussion and was represented by Councillor Carolina Moretti.
Other mayors in attendance included those from Barrie, Chatham-Kent, London, Niagara Falls, Parry Sound, Pickering and Waterloo.
Developable greenfield, the largest vacant employment lands in the GTA, a future downtown at Jane Street and Hwy. 7, York University and its location as an economic gateway are some of the attributes Vaughan has to attract Chinese investments, Ms Yeung Racco said.

Now here is the announcement


 10/04/2013, 11:20

 By Barb McKay

Kincardine mayor Larry Kraemer will travel to China in May to discuss trade opportunities.

He is one of a handful of Ontario mayors invited on the 10-day trade mission by the Canada China Investment Association. Others invited include mayors from Erin, Belleville, Petrolia and Niagara-on-the-Lake. The group leaves May 15 and will spend time in Shanghai and Beijing before returning home on May 25.

“They were very clear that they are looking for trade opportunities – bilateral trade – and they are looking at Ontario,” Kraemer said when he told Kincardine council about the trip during its meeting last Wednesday.

Costs associated with the trip, minus airfare, are being covered by the China Canada Investment Association. Bruce County council has agreed to allow Kraemer to use money from his conference fund to cover the cost of airfare.

Councillor Ron Coristine said the trade mission should involve individuals who are entrenched in Kincardine’s economic development planning. Kraemer said he had made his involvement with the trade mission known to the Penetangore Regional Economic Development Corporation (PREDC), but said he was lucky just to be invited on the trip.


This “tour” is scheduled for “lift-off” on May 15th until May 25th and will be attended by the following Mayors:

Mayor Dave Eke, from Niagara-On-The-Lake

Mayor Lou Maieron, from Erin

Mayor Larry Kraemer, from Kincardine

Mayor John McCharles, from Petrolia

Mayor Neil Ellis, from Belleville

Mayor Brenda Halloran, from Waterloo

Mayor Steve Pellegrini, from King

Mayor Brian McMullan, from St.Catharines

Their flights will be paid for by the Ontario tax payers while all other expenses are supposed to be picked up by the China Canada Investment Association (CCIA).

When one researches CCIA which is located in Markham, Ontario, one finds that their phone number is exactly the same as the Phoenix International Inc. at the same address as the CCIA. Can we assume that the CCIA is a “front” for Pheonix or the China Canada Business Council?

Phoenix International’s website supplies us with some information on what they actually do and it appears it is used primarily to arrange loans and  appears it is mostly involved in REAL ESTATE financing. The financing business of Phoenix is called Kunpeng International Finance Corp. and the following description off their website may give you an “inkling” as to what their main purpose their business includes.

“Kunpeng International Finance Corporation, incorporated in Canada in 2004. The company’s main business range include: one, apply for home mortgage loans, commercial loans, business loans, construction loans and land development loans, line of credit 200,000 plus currency (RMB 120 million) to 2 million plus currency (RMB 20 million) between.”

This last organization mentioned, the China Canada Business Council, contains some fairly “heavy lifters” in politics, the likes of Stockwell Day, David Dingwall and the Desmarais of Power Corp (more on that later in this article), so one can expect this organization has some strong Canadian Government influence!

So which company is financing the Mayor’s trip to China? At this point there seems to be several “names” in play, but then “confusion”just makes things more difficult for someone who is curious about what’s really going with their land, homes and Democracy!!!

In the Private Sector this whole story would be a regular and normal day to day announcement that wouldn’t warrant a second glance, but as these individuals are ELECTED OFFICIALS by the people, paid for by the people, they are considered Public Property and everything they do or say is supposed to PUBLIC knowledge! BY LAW!

Unlike other countries who’s Governments are not Democratically elected and their Government can literally dictate it’s behaviour, Canada has yet to be reduced to that level of State rule oligarchy!

One reason these Mayors may be so willing to get on the “China Bandwagon”or as we call it here, “Sustainable Development” is that the dream of a city of the future may look like this one?

China’s Ghost Cities

Guest Post: China 2.0 Is in Trouble

Tyler Durden's picture

Submitted by Tyler Durden on 04/26/2013

Submitted by Charles Hugh-Smith of OfTwoMinds blog,

Despite the many differences between China and the U.S., their basic problems are remarkably similiar: an economy that increasingly serves a tiny Elite, and a political/financial system that is incapable of meaningful reform.

Setting aside the latest bird flu outbreak and sagging indicators of growth, China 2.0 is in trouble (with 1.0 being the Communist era of 1949 -1977 and 2.0 being the modernization/globalization era of 1978 – 2013), for it remains overly reliant on unsustainable growth dynamics.
The following is my summary of the excellent talks given by Jim Chanos and Michael Pettis at Mish’s insight-packed Wine Country Conference in Sonoma earlier this month. (Any errors in presenting the speakers’ views are of course mine.)
Here are Chanos’ lecture slides and interviews with Chanos and Pettis:
Michael Pettis observed that he’d spent time in Haiti earlier in his career, and pockets of poverty in China today equal those he’d witnessed in Haiti. Experienced China hands know the central government takes pains to limit media exposure of this level of poverty, as it reflects poorly on China’s claim to being a superpower.
He then described in some detail how the Chinese leadership has created a “no-win” policy by encouraging a dependence on fixed investment to fuel rapid growth of GDP. If it shifts income to households to enable more consumer spending, GDP growth will decline. But if it continues borrowing and spending on increasingly marginal fixed investments, growth will also slow.
In effect, China has suppressed wages to fuel GDP growth. Financial repression (low interest rates) has further suppressed household income and encouraged misallocation of capital on a vast scale.

Pettis said the Chinese government is pushing a “go west” campaign.

Pettis said the Chinese government is pushing a “go west” campaign. While “go west” worked in America’s development, it failed miserably in Soviet Russia and Brazil. The difference, he said, is that in America, the private sector moved west and the government simply followed. In China, Russia and Brazil, the government pushed infrastructure west but without private-sector participation. Pettis reported that private sector contractors go west to build the infrastructure and then return east once the work is done.
What Canadian Corporation would be have an interest within all these meetings of the various organizations from China and could be the “guiding force”  in establishing a Chinese-Canadian connection?

Try Power Corporation!

On the Canada China Business Association website at the bottom left you will see in a large window that “this website is sponsored by “Power Corporation”

Now here is a short description of what Power Corp’s influences have on Canadian Politics:

May 11, 2012

If Canada’s “so Great” ……. why are WE so “broke”?


First, I will introduce the reader to Canada’s most powerful family, our version of the Rockefeller’s south of the border, or the Rothschilds in Europe, and of course, all these families are close in both business and social circles. Such is the nature of being an elite in a globalized world.

The Desmarais family, located in the province of Québec, are without question the most influential and powerful family in the country, and it’s no wonder, considering their power is vested in an investment company known as Power Corporation.

Why is Power Corporation important?

The name says it all: it has Power. Founded in 1925, Power Corporation of Canada is an investment company involved in communications, business, and especially finance.

Power Corporation was founded by A.J. Nesbitt and P.A. Thomson, two partners in the Montreal investment firm, Nesbitt, Thomson and Company, who wanted to consolidate Canada’s power sector, and established Power Corporation as a ‘holding company,’ meaning, it owns other corporations.

In the 1960s, the company began to invest in energy, finance, industry, and real estate.

In 1968, financier Paul Desmarais took over the leadership of Power Corporation, and rapidly expanded the assets held by the company, including by the 1970s: Canada Steamship Lines (transportation); Consolidated Bathurst (pulp and paper); Investors Group, Great-West LifeMontreal Trust (financial services); and Gesca (communications). Power Corporation expanded across Canada, Europe, and into China. Paul Desmarais stepped aside as Chairman and CEO in 1996, though remaining as the controlling shareholder, and had his two sons, Paul Jr. and André, become Chairman and President and Co-CEOs. Power Corporation owns Gesca, a communications company which in turn owns La Presse as well as six other daily newspapers in Quebec.


MORE on Power Corp.

……………………………..Andre Desmarais also sits on the China International Trust & Investment Corp (CITIC), described as the alleged investment arm of the PLA, the Chinese military.

Through its subsidiaries, the CITIC could be the largest manufacturer of weapons and arms in the world.

Maurice Strong, special ambassador to the UN, has publicly stated publicly his belief that China is the economic and ecological future of the world, a sentiment echoed only last week by Prime Minister Martin………………………………………………….

……..And on the Human Rights Issues!

New documentaries take on the horrors of China’s labor camp system

(May 7, 2013) Two new documentaries released this month reveal more horrifying details aboutChina’s notorious re-education through labor (RTL) system. Other recent exposés of systemic human rights abuses in the RTL have led to calls to scrap the long-contested practice entirely. China’s new leadership is reportedly reviewing it.

By Lisa Peryman for Voices from China, Probe International

Dating back to the 1950s, China’s RTL system was originally, and devilishly, designed to “reform” intellectuals critical of Communist rule. Made up of officials, democratic activists, journalists, teachers, scholars, economists, lawyers, students, artists and writers, the country’s intellectuals had, at the time, been freely encouraged by Mao Zedong to vent their pent-up criticism of the state, as part of his brief Hundred Flowers Movement to liberate freedom of thought and speech. But the invitation quickly revealed itself to be a trap. Exposed and flushed out by Mao, outspoken intellectuals were soon rounded up and imprisoned in RTL “re-education”camps; a model of punishment considered useful to the state for its returns in thought reform and economic gain, based on the Soviet Gulag.

Before long, these camps would be utilized, not only as a source of slave labour, but to contain other so-called “bad elements,” usually without trial for up to three to four years, including children.

The latter is the subject of  “Juvenile Laborers Confined in Dabao” by Xie Yihui. Xie gained her entry into documentary film-making assisting Ai Xiaoming, a human rights activist and academic-turned-director, with Ai’s film investigation into the “tofu-dreg”construction of schools that collapsed and killed at least 5,000 students during a 2008 earthquake in Sichuan Province. Xie borrowed equipment to continue film-making in and around Sichuan. The setting of “Juvenile Laborers Confined in Dabao” is a children’s labor camp located in Dabao Township, in Sichuan’s Ebian County where 4,000-5,000 boys and girls were interned in the late 1950s and early 1960s.

In this review, Ai encapsulates the journey of Xie’s camera as she tracks Zeng Boyan, a former Sichuan Daily reporter, and his work to uncover the grim legacy of the Dabao facility through the recollections of survivors who passed through there.

By tracing the investigator’s footsteps, we see how this tragedy began. In the 1950s, several thousand children were interned here as the result of China’s adopting the Soviet Union’s practice of reforming wayward children. These children—ages ten to 17—were incarcerated for various reasons, but most weren’t criminals. Many committed small trespasses, were the products of parental neglect, or their parents believed that RTL would provide an opportunity for their children to learn how to work. Others were there because public security organs needed to fill quotas for catching criminals. These children were subjected to inhuman persecution at the Dabao camp, and many died there without anyone knowing.

The horrors we know about the RTL system mostly come from the experiences of adults. But this film reveals the origins of this system. It was established by the State Council during the height of the Anti-Rightist rectification campaign in 1957, when many politically-labeled Rightists were sent to RTL camps. But the scope was expanded to include other so-called bad elements. The RTL system that targeted minors was characterized particularly by confusion and illegality because it blurred the distinction between crime and non-crime. It seems that in an effort to reeducate neglected children, it also obscured the line between welfare and punishment. But from the recollections of those involved, the system, from its inception, emphasized crime and punishment. Even when children were on the verge of starving to death and their parents begged to have them released, they were unable to get their children back because the authorities said they were criminals and had not been sufficiently reformed.




Huawei CEO breaks 26 years of silence to deny links to U.S. cyber threats

Matthew Braga 13/05/09 

Huawei Technologies Co. Ltd. has been blocked from bidding on government contracts in Canada and Australia amid accusations the telecommunications equipment manufacturer enables Chinese cyber-spying, and now the Shenzhen-based company’s reclusive founder and chief executive officer Ren Zhengfei has finally spoken out to combat mounting fear, pressure and public speculation of strong ties to the Chinese government.

It’s a first for Mr. Zhengfei, who has historically shunned media interviews – a practice he’s maintained since the founding of Huawei 26 years ago.


Is this what happens when China is criticised???? 

CSIS comments anger Chinese community

Last Updated: Thursday, June 24, 2010 | 7:59 AM PT

CBC News
Richard Fadden, director of the Canadian Security Intelligence Service, has raised concerns about foreign influence over Canadian politicians. Richard Fadden, director of the Canadian Security Intelligence Service, has raised concerns about foreign influence over Canadian politicians. (Chris Wattie/Reuters)Members of Vancouver’s Chinese community are angry about controversial comments made by the head of Canada’s spy agency, but a former Asia expert for CSIS says the comments are true.Earlier this week, CSIS director Richard Fadden told CBC News some municipal officials and cabinet ministers from two unnamed provinces, are being influenced by foreign governments.

Fadden then hinted China was one of the countries wielding influence. He also said some municipal officials in B.C. are among those being influenced by foreign governments.

Former Vancouver city councillor Tung Chan says he’s saddened and frustrated by Fadden’s comments. Chan is the head of SUCCESS, an immigrant services organization with strong links to Vancouver’s Chinese community.

“The remarks that were made cast shadows and cast doubts on the loyalty of a whole group of people, particularly those committed to serve the public, and it’s not helpful to what we’re trying to do in creating multicultural harmony,” said Chan.

Espionage expert backs claim

Fadden made the comments during an interview with the CBC on Tuesday. He later downplayed the remarks, saying CSIS has been investigating and reporting on such threats for many years.

That position is backed up by Michel Juneau-Katsuya, a former head of Asia Pacific Affairs for CSIS in the 1990s, who is now the president of the Northgate Group, a private firm specializing in corporate security intelligence………..


CSIS director Richard Fadden shuffled to Defence

Apr 22, 2013

Richard Fadden, the head of the Canadian Security Intelligence Service, is set to become deputy minister of Defence in a shuffle of the senior ranks of the public service announced Monday.Richard Fadden, the head of the Canadian Security Intelligence Service, is set to become deputy minister of Defence in a shuffle of the senior ranks of the public service announced Monday. (Sean Kilpatrick/Canadian Press)

Richard Fadden, the head of the Canadian Security Intelligence Service, is moving to become deputy minister of Defence.

The Prime Minister’s Office says Fadden’s transfer takes effect May 13.

Michel Coulombe, currently deputy director of operations at the spy agency, will become interim director when Fadden leaves.

Fadden has been head of CSIS since June 2009.




Actions such as what is being described here have actually caused wars to break out in the past! Countries do not take “loss of their sovereignty” very lightly. The past two World Wars should have told you!

One way to meet this “push for Global Control” head-on,  is to TAKE BACK control of your own Municipality. Without a Municipality condoning this underhanded and “back door sell-out of your Lands and Rights”, none of this vile depletion of Canadian values would have gone this far! 

Remember YOUR COUNCIL is responsible for it’s actions to YOU, the tax payer and electorate, not the other way around!!!!

  1. […] What tourist attraction in Chatham?…………last time anyone checked it was covered in Wind Turbines and people were fleeing their homes because of it! It couldn’t be the de-population of Rural Ontario and having Chinese coming here to buy cheap land for residency could …? […]

  2. […] the formal plan for “Immigrant Placement” within South Western Ontario“ where the lands have been laid […]

  3. Anonymous says:

    Here’s what “Local Economic Development” really IS… and where it’s “model” feeding on “local” tax dollars comes from:

    Trousdale, William. “Promoting Inclusive and Effective Local Economic Development – A Strategic Planning Approach. “ UH-Habitat Forum. 2007.

    “Strategic Planning for Local Economic Development – A Resource Guide for Local Governments and Civil Society Organizations.” UN-HABITAT and EcoPlan International. 2005.

    How to Conduct Project Prioritization and Evaluation for Improved Decision Making and Consensus Building (World Campus Slides):

    Site highlighting these “Social Entrepreneurs” and their taxpayer-funded, global “industry”:

    Their “catch 22” is that “Economic Development” is in charge of implementing “Sustainable Development” locally. The two present an oxymoron, since the former is to ostensibly create “growth” and the latter has the goal of producing zero or negative growth… which gives their “industry” double the taxpayer-funded opportunities to break “local” economies globally.

  4. Anonymous says:

    Related “background” info:

    Foreign Affairs and International Trade Canada –
    Home > International Trade > Trade Negotiations and Agreements > Negotiations and Agreements > FIPAs
    Canada’s FIPA Program: Its Purpose, Objective and Content

    Agreement Between the Government of Canada and the Government of the People’s Republic of China for the Promotion and Reciprocal Protection of Investments:

    Additional already-done deals… FIPA’s with Panama and the EU… next in line appears one with Japan:

  5. Bethany says:

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    should check things out. I like what I see so i am just
    following you. Look forward to looking into your web page repeatedly.

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