Want your children to have a quick lesson on “all that’s wrong with politics” .. tell them to watch this Liberal’s budget BS!

Posted: May 3, 2013 in Uncategorized

It doesn’t get much worse that this right now.

The NDP’s Andrea Horwath selling out Ontario to keep their jobs by backing the scandal plagued Liberals and their “Fairy Tale” budget which was tabled yesterday.

Charles Souza spouting absolute incoherent psycho-babble to justify the Liberals bogus numbers and what their budget will accomplish for Ontarians.

Then there was Brad Duguid this morning actually saying publicly that his Government had a good “track record on keeping promises” and controlling the debt.

We can’t forget the bogus leader herself Kathleen Wynne trying to defend her “budget lunacy” by stating she has listened to the Ontario people and is doing what they want to create jobs, help the aged and balance the books!

All this is “political theatre at it’s worse” and as parents you should make your children listen to all this rhetoric so they can learn what a bunch of con artists look like. It would be a life lesson for decades to come.

Nothing Liberals promise should be trusted

lorrie-goldsteinBY  ,TORONTO SUN May3/2013

Kathleen Wynne

Ontario Premier Kathleen Wynne in the legislature for the provincial budget Thursday, May 2, 2013. (Stan Behal/Toronto Sun)

TORONTO – The best approach to dealing with Premier Kathleen Wynne’s first — and, let us hope, last Liberal budget — is to treat it as a work of fiction.

It promises not to raise taxes — for now — but makes it clear new “revenue tools” (taxes and tolls) are on their way, allegedly to pay for transit infrastructure.

It promises the Liberals will balance the budget by 2017-18, but projects the current $9.8-billion provincial deficit will increase by almost 20%, to $11.7 billion, this year.

It promises fiscal responsibility, but projects Ontario’s total debt will increase by $42 billion, to $323 billion, a 15% increase over the next three years.

It promises to invest in public services, but projects paying interest on debt will be the government’s fastest-growing expense, at 5.5% annually, rising to $12.2 billion annually by 2015-16. That will be the government’s largest single expenditure, outside of funding the health care and education ministries.

It “proposes” an average 15% cut on auto insurance rates for good drivers, but provides no timeline, other than the Liberals’ hope premiums will start to fall within a year to 18 months.



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