Britain to “privatize their Health Care System, NHS”?………….could it happens here?………you bettya!!

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“Universal Health Care in Canada”!

Now there’s a loaded statement! We Canadians pay huge taxes to support a Health Care system which is the envy of the world. Detractors call us “socialists” for having this State-run policy where every single Canadian citizen isn’t rendered literally financially bankrupt when they get a serious illness or have a serious accident!

Mutterings and forays by politicians into “whether privatization would be good for Canada” has always been met with tremendous outrage and calls for political career-ending moves IF these politicians don’t shut their pie holes for even venturing into this sacred ground!

So how does a country manipulate the debate, set up the ground rules and make a foray into “Privatisation of Health Care” without being totally destroyed at the election polls?

First they could open the borders of their country to foreign immigrants from countries that don’t even consider their lives as sacred. That basically lowers the “expectations” of the masses and disarms the opponents of privatisation. Then, create a climate of poverty by allowing banks and financial institutions to literally rob the country of their wealth and make sure that money can be unloaded into tax havens in sunny climes. No taxes on the rich, no money left for infrastructure and job creation liquidity!

The most important piece of the puzzle of course is to have like-minded people in a position of power who don’t give a Fiddler’s Damn (F@$%)  for the poor, disenfranchised or vulnerable of society!

THEN the propaganda starts up. The Government states categorically that they don’t have the money to keep supplying a national health care system that will heal people properly, allow them safe and state-of-the-art medical procedures or even care for the chronically ill.

Here’s the answer: PRIVATIZE the whole system and allow the Private Sector to charge you for your health care and provide a quality safe and proven medical treatment because the way it is now as a Public System isn’t working!

In effect it’s called “scaring the shit out of people” and then provide an easy way out……….IF you’ve got any money left after paying for the inflated electricity to heat your homes, pay for the inflated gas prices to fill up your car to get to your minimum wage job and after all that is said and done, pick up your food at the local Food Bank so you can keep up enough strength to make it to work the next day……IF your even lucky enough to have a friggin’ job!

Get the picture yet?

As one English professor stated in rather simplistic terms: “Keep the People disenfranchised, without hope, poor and uneducated and you will CONTROL the PEOPLE!

Last night the British Government approved the Privatization of their sacred NHS!

Peers support government on NHS despite Labour ‘privatisation’ warnings

Peers have backed the government’s position on competition within the NHS in England, despite warnings from Labour that “privatisation” was being introduced at an “alarming pace”.

25 April 2013 BBC

Ministers have promised to “improve the quality and efficiency of health care services” by making procurement decisions “transparent and fair”.

Labour had called on peers to block new regulations that “let the privatisation genie fully out of the bottle”.

But ministers won a key Lords vote.

Peers voted by 254 to 146, a government majority of 108, in support of the new regulations.

‘Massively changed’

As the upper House debated the changes on Tuesday, Labour health spokesman Lord Hunt of Kings Heath warned: “These regulations are vital.

“The problem is that they hold open the door to a competitive, marketised service in which I am afraid that, despite the wording that has been used tonight, the interests of patients will be not first but last.”

It may seem surprising to many that this issue is still being debated. After all the new structures of the NHS in England went live on 1 April.

The regulations were actually laid as part of the mopping up exercise following the passage of the Health and Social Care Act.

Procurement of health services used to be governed by primary care trusts, but this passed to the new GP-led clinical commissioning groups at the start of the month.

And so new rules and guidelines were required. The big question is whether they go further than the ones they are replacing.

Under Labour competition was encouraged, but critics argue these ramp that up even further by only allowing contracts to be handed out without a tendering process in the most exceptional circumstances. It is, they argue, tantamount to privatisation.

Ministers reject this – and have already rewritten the regulations once to try to diffuse the row.

What this demonstrates is that the changes to the health service are still deeply controversial – and are likely to remain so for some time yet.

They removed the discretion of commissioners to decide when to offer services out to tender, he claimed.

“We face the prospect of NHS services being placed in the middle of a costly bidding war with private companies, discrete services cherry-picked for profit while the NHS is left to run the more complex and expensive services but with less money,” the Labour peer added.

“How can that possibly be in the best interests of patients?”

Former cabinet minister Lord Owen predicted that the rules would leave the NHS “massively changed”.


Anyone who may want to see and hear a rather direct and expletive take on this tragic tale can watch the following “artistic approach” by The Artist Taxi Driver:

Warning: foul language being used (as it should be)


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