Horwath and Wynne will “sell Ontario down the road” to keep their jobs!

Posted: April 24, 2013 in Uncategorized

One would think that Andrea Horwath is dead set on torpedoing Kathleen Wynne’s reign of debt every time she opens her pie hole. And she opens it daily with latitudes and platitudes about what’s wrong with this Liberal Government. I think every time she sees a camera she runs full tilt at it with some ideological bull crap that gets on the 6 ‘o clock news!

The reality of Horwath and Wynne’s agendas is to keep them in their jobs as long as possible so they can suck as much tax payers dollars out of the public trough as possible even though Ontario is very quickly being flushed down the debt toilet by these less than honourable “Ladies of Power”!

Why would Horwath want to go through an expensive election where her record of inaction and left wing stupidity be put on public trial for all to see and judge?

Why would Wynne want to have to stand on the public stage and answer for her party’s 10 year+ record of lies and outright thievery?

They wouldn’t!

So they will tag team Ontario workers and land owners into oblivion and hang onto their cushy public funded positions as long as possible!

When the political system is “gamed” like this to support a rotting corpse that once was a functioning public entity many many decades ago, it’s time for a real house cleaning and literally a fumigation of Queen’ Park!


April 24th, 2013 QMI AGENCY

The road to economic recovery in Ontario doesn’t begin with more government spending and higher taxes.

But that’s the road we’re headed down as Premier Kathleen Wynne looks to buy the support of NDP Leader Andrea Horwath, in order to allow her minority government to survive its first budget on May 2.

The Liberals and NDP did this dance a year ago, when the Liberals caved in to NDP demands for more spending and higher taxes.

Now this unholy Liberal/NDP alliance is happening all over again, with Wynne raiding the public treasury to meet NDP demands for bigger government.

On Tuesday Wynne promised $260 million more, ostensibly for seniors’ care, including a so-called guarantee of a five-day waiting period for home care for seniors with complex needs.

But, given the way the Liberals routinely break their promises, wasting billions of tax dollars on boondoggles, who knows how the money will really be spent?

Probably lining consultants’ pockets, considering the dismal Liberal record on eHealth, Ornge, hydro rates and cancelling natural gas plants to save Liberal seats during elections.

Horwath needs to explain why she continues to prop up a Liberal government she denounces as politically corrupt every day in the Legislature.



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