Hey “Earth Day worshippers”! …. did you know your movement is run by “Big Oil”?

Posted: April 24, 2013 in Uncategorized

Oh the humanity!

March, shout, boycott, protest and basically “flog” yourself senseless because Mother Earth or Gaia is being covered in a huge oil slick and can’t breath any more! Too much CO2 being expelled, so stop breathing, and too much consumerism so stop buying, and too much meat being eaten so go out and eat leaves……………Does that sound about right?

Ban the pipelines, stop the tree cutting, heat with candles and stop all fossil fuelled electrical generation and only use electricity when the sun shines or the wind blows!

Is this what you “Earth Day worshippers” advocate? And who started this movement? A long haired hippy who worships Mother Earth and all the living things in it?

Guess what?. Big Oil managed to start this EARTH DAY and of course once that little statement settles into your pea sized nut, you will say “What???….WHY????

There’s the rub! WHY? Is there another agenda at work here where Big Oil would actually start a movement which would go directly against all it stood for?

The strategy of “divide and conquer”, “False Flag”, “fog of war” all come into play here. It’s a brilliant strategy to hijack a movement which was artificial to start with and create a huge divisive movement in the world where people are either pro oil or anti- oil.

What it creates is a political discussion that can never be resolved and gives one group or another a clear choice in selecting a Government which advocates one side or another and also allows huge sums of money to be showered on political parties which support this fake debate!

The winners in this are Governments, Financial Institutions and Industrialists! The LOSERS?……CITIZENS of the World!

Earth Day an Oil Industry Scam?

April 23, 2013 at 1:36 pm

According to 1960s radicals, the environmental movement has been funded and orchestrated by fossil fuel interests.

Yesterday, I discussed the language used to market a book published in 1970, just prior to the celebration of the first Earth Day on April 22 of that year.

Titled Eco-Catastrophe, it is a collection of articles/essays selected by the editors of Ramparts magazine – which was produced by 1960s-era radicals between 1962 and 1975.

One of its fascinating revelations is that those people thought Earth Day was a crock – and were highly suspicious of the fact that the mainstream, establishment media was eagerly promoting it.

An Editorial included near the front of the book is worth quoting at length:

The environment may well be the gut issue that can unify a polarized nation in the 1970′s writes Time magazine. The Hearst Press sees it as a movement “that could unite the generations.” And the New York Times solemnly predicts that ecology “will replace Vietnam as the major issue with students.”

…the organizers of the officially-sanctioned April 22 [Earth Day] Teach-In movement are doing their best to give life to the media’s daydream…

We think that any analogy between what is supposed to happen around April 22 and the organization of the Vietnam teach-ins is obscene. We think that the Environmental Teach-In apparatus is the first step in a con game that will do little more than abuse the environment even further.

…The originators of the Vietnam teach-ins worked at great odds and against the lies and opposition of government, university administrations and the media. They raised their own money and had offices in student apartments or small storefronts. “Earth Day” came to life in the offices of Senator Gaylord Nelson, received blessing from [President Richard] Nixon’s Department of Health, Education and Welfare, was funded by foundations, and has worked out of facilities lent by the Urban Coalition.



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