Could the McGuinty/Wynne Liberals face criminal charges over the “gas plant seat-buying move”?

Posted: April 24, 2013 in Uncategorized

Chances that this “could happen” seems more likely by the day since the gas plant inquiry hangs on to this disgraced Party like a bad smell!

Later on this year will be round two of the gas plant inquiry when the Auditor General releases another report on the Oakville plant moving and cancellation costs.

Estimations of upwards of a Billion $$$$ has been reported before this mess is done.

All for the sake of saving a few seats so the Liberals can hang onto power for a bit longer!

Two pieces of advise for the Liberals and the Police here.

The Libs should give up the ghost of their minority Government as soon as possible and flee the Queen’s Park scene so they can disappear into the night. The longer away, the less chance of having to answer for the disgusting waste of tax dollars.

Secondly, we can hope that paper shredders are outlawed at Queen’s Park for the next six months until the AG’s next report so that evidence can’t mysteriously disappear. The same applies for the OPA where most records of the gas plant cancellations are being found.

Gas plant scandal needs accountability


Ontario Auditor General Jim McCarter’s recent damning report on the true costs of cancelling the Mississauga gas plant was another blow to Premier Kathleen Wynne’s attempts to distance herself from the scandal.

The question now becomes, what consequences will she and her party face?

Political, without question, but there’s a case to be made for legal ramifications to flow from this fiasco.

Wynne has played the innocent card to the hilt, making the unlikely claim that as co-chair of the Liberal election campaign, she was in the dark on the decision to cancel both the Mississauga and Oakville plants. It’s called the doctrine of plausible deniability. Do what you have to do, just don’t tell me.

And since assuming the government’s top job, she has again professed ignorance of any knowledge regarding the real cost to taxpayers of the cancellation decisions. Other than admitting the cancellation was a political decision, she has studiously avoided answering questions in the legislature dealing with the scandal.

In trying to keep as far away as possible from the stench of Liberal corruption, she has tossed most of the tough questions from the Opposition to Government House Leader John Milloy and Energy Minister Bob Chiarelli.

The release of the auditor general’s report confirmed that Wynne, her cabinet and the previous Dalton McGuinty regime deliberately misled Ontarians on the real costs of the cancellation decision.

The auditor general’s report further confirms the gas plant scandal is more than the Liberals misleading Ontarians about the true cost of their politically motivated decision. In truth, it’s a breach of public trust by various political officials, including Wynne, Chris Bentley, McGuinty and others who put their political interest ahead of the public interest they were obliged to serve.

What’s needed now is real accountability.

During a recent question period in the Legislature, PC MPP Frank Klees asked Wynne if the Liberal party would repay Ontario taxpayers the $275 million cost of their political decision in Mississauga. The Liberals, not surprisingly, refused to answer.

So what can be done?

One possibility could be a class-action civil lawsuit against the Liberal Party of Ontario for unlawfully increasing costs to taxpayers.


  1. Chuck Jarvie says:

    Wynne is the tool ! We should use her to get back our revenue. McGuinty needs to go to jail and his pension cancelled and his severance money returned.

  2. Dino Rea says:

    Truly a breach of public trust just squandering taxpayer dollars for their own gain. We trusted them to manage our money not recklessly stop construction already underway. What did they think was going to happen…everyone just take their tools and go home and all is forgotten?
    We are always struggling to make ends meet with high prices everywhere. Politicians don’t show any sort of restraint in cutting their spending or investigating where taxpayer dollars are not being spent wisely–they just raise taxes so they can continue the foolishness. When will we find someone who is sincere about managing our money effectively and not recklessly.
    This was Dalton’s watch and the ultimate decision lyed with him…he should be held accountable and serve notice to all politicians that squandering taxpayer dollars will have ramifications. The madness must stop!!!

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