Is UNESCO “brainwashing your children” on the “Climate Change lie”?

Posted: April 22, 2013 in Uncategorized

You bettya!

At least IF your school has embraced this curriculum in your child’s school then you are allowing teachers to “abuse your children” without any interference from you or any authority figure that is responsible for your child’s safety!

You may not even realize it, but the UN’s agenda on Sustainable Development and Climate Change is a “wolf in sheep’s clothing”.

How many glossy pamphlets has your child brought home from their classroom with the UNESCO logo on the front and warm and fuzzy words following it.

Have you ever read these pamphlets or even researched what the warm and fuzzy’s mean in layman’s language?

If you ever took the time to do just that you may be horrified by the end results!

These are not sublime, caring or honourable people your dealing with here. These are very determined, mentally unbalanced devious miscreants and will attempt to influence the youngest, most fragile members of society with their political and twisted views of who should actually govern and control the masses!

“Sustainable Development” are the two “buzz words” the U.N. uses to describe their shallow and bitter vision for the worlds societies!

Sustainable Development is the back bone of Agenda 21 which is slowly being outlawed in the U.S.A.!

It is used so often in their various policies from all their organizations that the meaning gets lost in the carefully crafted mind numbing statements that mean nothing until one tries to translate their psycho babble which usually gives you a massive migraine.

Climate Change is a lie. To try and “teach” your child anything based on a lie is dishonest and contemptuous at best, criminal at worst!

To take children’s minds into this gloom and doom scary world of made up catastrophes and blame their actions on causing these disasters is CRIMINAL abuse!

How many dollars has your child raised for UNESCO and other funding for any U.N. org since they started their schooling?

Lots I bet. And they get rewarded by whom for their efforts? Teachers of course, because they are instrumental in forcing your children through peer pressure to work for the United Nations!

If you think this post is too far out then you need to shake your head and start to try and seek the real story here.  Would you let a “stranger” have any type of access to your little loved one?

You already have and this stranger means harm to YOUR CHILD!

Climate Change Education for Sustainable Development at UNESCO

©Dean Gesch
Matanuska Glacier

Education is an essential element of the global response to climate change. It helps young people understand and address the impact of global warming, encourages changes in their attitudes and behaviour and helps them adapt to climate change-related trends.

Through its Climate Change Education for Sustainable Development programme, UNESCO aims to make climate change education a more central and visible part of the international response to climate change. The programme aims to help people understand the impact of global warming today and increase “climate literacy” among young people. It does this by strengthening the capacity of its Member States to provide quality climate change education; encouraging innovative teaching approaches to integrate climate change education  in school and by raising awareness about climate change as well as enhancing non-formal education programmes through media, networking and partnerships.

UNESCO responds to climate change through education within the framework of the UN Decade of Education for Sustainable Development (DESD).


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