“EARTH DAY” tomorrow…….. The BIGGEST LIE DAY to be celebrated by idiots!

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What are you going to do tomorrow to celebrate EARTH DAY?

Make your kids go out and pick up garbage and possibly get infected from needles and decaying rotten foodstuffs some people are just too lazy to throw in their own garbage containers?

Are you going to stop eating and drinking water so people in Africa can have a clean glass of water?

Are you going to shut off all your electrical appliances for 24 hours to save the air from getting full of CO2 because of fossil fuelled electrical generation?

Maybe ask the Government to shut down the Oils Sands production for one day so the planet can breath for 24 hours?

Why don’t you just flog the hell out of yourself with leather straps for being such a maggot on this planet!

All of the above “crazier than a rat in a coffee can” ideas would meet with “approval” from the eco-whackos like Suzuki, Gore, May, Barlow and others as if their Climate Change and end of the world gloom and doom were REAL!

On the contrary. These people are so far out of the picture in the real world that one must wonder if the inmates are “running the asylum”.

What is even more bizarre is that most newspapers in the world have been ordered to publish copious amounts of out and out LIES and BS to back up these false Global Warming mantras!

Ask 99% of the people you know and you have contact with on a daily basis “what are you going to do to celebrate Earth day” and you will probably get one response 99% of the time, and it can’t be printed……………something like this “Just go F$#@ yourself!”

So much for Earth Day!

For a sustainable and green planet


EARTH day is being celebrated all over the world today, with the theme “The Face of Climate Change,” to create awareness for making the earth a safe place to live in. It has now become very important to protect our planet from unnecessary pollution and degradation. Nowadays, climate change is the biggest challenge for the earth’s ecosystems, all forms of life, and the economy. But what effective steps are we taking to tackle climate change? Greenhouse Gas (GHG) emission is escalating worldwide, but financial flow for adaption in developing poor countries is inadequate.

Climate change can seem like a remote problem to developed countries, but the fact is that it is already impacting people, animals and ecosystems in the developing and poor countries. These problems are multiplying every day. Fortunately, other factors are multiplying too: those stepping up to do something about it. Help us personalise the massive challenge climate change presents by taking a photo and telling your story. How has climate change impacted you? What are you doing to be part of the solution?

Climate change is defined as the changing pattern of climate in major climatic regimes all over the world due to global warming as a result of anthropogenic emission of GHGs. Climate change is observed as variability of climatic phenomena such as rainfall, temperature and humidity in the atmosphere. Climate is the annual average/estimate of activities of different factors of climate such as sunshine, temperature, rainfall, humidity, and wind direction and flow. Climate change refers to change in the intensity of the phenomena that result from interaction of such elements, for example storms, floods, etc., and their frequency and seasonal distribution in a year.

In fact, no new hazards due to climate change have emerged but normal hazards are taking place in a more severe and more frequent manner. For example, seasonal distribution of rainfall bringing about early or late floods in Bangladesh, which causes huge crop loss. However, due to climate change, rainfall pattern, occurrence of drought, salinity ingress and flood are making the lives and livelihood of millions of people difficult.

Global warming is the process of the earth becoming warmer. This may be due to various reasons. Emission of GHG into the atmosphere since the industrial revolution is responsible for present day anthropogenic warming. This is not a natural occurrence though, in the past, the temperature of this planet had risen many times in the geological timescale. Rather, global warming is taking place due to human development activities, and is increasing at a considerable rate, as observed by scientists.

The natural warming that had taken place in this planet was a slow process, spanning over thousands of years. As greenhouse gases like CO2, CH4, and N2O are released into the atmosphere due to anthropogenic activities such as industrialisation, deforestation and intensive agriculture, they trap the heat of the incoming energy from the sun and make the earth warmer. Global warming is well documented and there is no scope for confusion over whether it is a result of increased levels of GHGs in the atmosphere. Global warming is pushing climate change.

Adaptation to climate change is changing our lifestyle and ways of livelihood in relation to the changing climate. As the process of climate change is gigantic, an “earth scale” process that cannot be stopped overnight, we must formulate policy, invent technologies and restructure our whole system to adapt to the changing climate. For example, Bangladesh has a long coastline. Salinity ingress along the coastline is taking place due to sea level rise. Coastal agriculture is getting more difficult with time. We need to invent salinity tolerant varieties of rice to ensure food security of the coastal areas. This is adaptation.

In contrast to adaptation, “mitigation” means arresting climate change in the first place by reducing GHG emission. Most of the GHG emission is caused by the developed countries. Because GHG emission and economic activities are tied together, it is difficult for the developed countries to reduce emission. Mitigation projects aim at emission reduction in fuel and energy, industry, agriculture, waste and forestry sectors.

Though developed countries are mostly responsible for climate change caused by GHG emission, the developing countries and most particularly under-developed countries are victims of the grim of effects of climate change. However, industrialised and developed nations are reluctant to take the responsibility of undertaking remedial measures.


Earth Day and Environmental Insanity


We are only now recovering from the greatest fraud of the modern era, “global warming.” The United States wasted an estimated $50 billion on so-called scientific research, all of which existed for the purpose of advancing this hoax. It is rarely mentioned any more except for its fraudulent new name, “climate change.”

By Alan Caruba

Anyone who has been paying any attention to the environmental movement has got to have concluded it is insane.

• While the United States stands poised on defaulting on its ever-growing debt—the highest in the nation’s history;

• While wars and insurrections are waged in the Middle East, across northern Africa, and in the Ivory Coast;

• While Japan struggles to deal with a major earthquake and nuclear plant meltdown;

• While Islam wages terrorism worldwide, and

• While European nations attempt to deal with their own financial crisis, the environmentalists—Greens—engage in the most absurd frauds and nonsense since the Dark Ages.

In news from the United Nations—a misnomer if ever there was one—Bolivia is proposing a UN treaty that will give “Mother Earth” the same rights as accorded to human beings. It has just passed a domestic law that grants these rights to bugs, trees, and all other natural things in its own country.

According to the Bolivian proposal, humans have sought to “dominate and exploit” the Earth in ways that threaten the “well-being and existence of many beings” such as malaria-bearing mosquitoes, lice and ticks that spread disease, trees that provide timber for shelter and countless other uses, venomous snakes, and every other creature upon which we depend for food—beef, chickens, and fish, to name just three.

The Bolivian law, if successful, will end the extraction of all natural resources in that nation, thus effectively plunging it into insolvency. That is a definition of insanity. It is also a description of the United States of America where access to its vast reserves of coal, natural gas, and oil is being systematically denied by the government.

This is occurring as the Environmental Protection Agency continues its effort to declare carbon dioxide (CO2) a “pollutant” that must be regulated, despite the fact that is vital to all life on Earth.

In America, there has been a resurgence of bed bugs, formerly controlled by DDT. The EPA recently awarded $550,000 in grants to the University of Missouri, Texas A&M University, the Maryland Department of Health and Mental Hygiene, Rutgers University, and the Michigan Department of Community Health, for bed bug “education, outreach, and environmental justice departments.” So, instead of authorizing the use of a pesticide to rid us all of bed bugs, it wants to “educate” us to live with them. That’s insane.


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