Another “Ice Age” coming at us?…….what’s all this BS about Climate Change/Global Warming????

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How much more crap are we willing to listen to from the likes of Al Gore, David Suzuki, Ban Ki Moon, just to mention a few.  We must also include our very own Government leaders who “parrot” the same Global Warming LIE.  This  has been used for decades to cover the real FRAUD of Green Energy and subsidized fortunes being amassed by carpet-bagging Green Industrialists and lobby groups all entrenched within our money supply (taxes and electrical bills) like ticks on a dirty dog sucking our very life blood from our financial future!

Science, real science and it’s conclusions that are reached from studies, take a very long time to emerge, unlike the steady “cooked up” Global Warming prognostications being pumped out on a daily basis by “bought and paid for” newspapers in the mainstream media!

So here is the latest proof that actually states that not only is there no Global Warming happening planet wide but we are now facing a new ICE AGE coming at us within the next 80 years!

That sounds a bit more realistic as I poke my head out the door and feel the 2 degree Celsius air with full on sunshine almost into the month of May attack me!

We may one day wish the hell there was Global Warming after we run out of firewood in June and the garden hasn’t quite thawed out in July!

Of course people like Gore, Moon, Suzuki and all the other Green Whackos will be plumped down inside a tax payer funded hermetically sealed container where they will enjoy their “plunder” of the people they so “warmly screwed”!

Coming Ice Age…According To Leading Experts, Global Mean Temperature Has Dropped 1°C Since 1990!

By P Gosselin on 21. April 2013

Climate science/renewable energy critic Rainer Hoffmann has researched the literature on mean global surface temperature.

Stunningly, he shows that something is not right with the figures coming from the world’s leading climate experts. The figures tell us the mean global surface temperature has dropped 1°C over the last 25 years. At that rate, we’ll be in an ice age by the year 2100!

Page 1 of Hoffmann’s two-page pdf file shows literature that says the mean global temperature in 1990 was 15.5°C. Page 2 shows the literature that says it is now only 14.5°C.

Here’s a chronology of the global mean surface temperature figures from the leading experts over the last 25 years:


1988: 15.4°C
Der Spiegel, based on (untampered) data from NASA (see chart right).

1990: 15.5°C
According to James Hansen and 5 other leading scientists; they too claimed the global mean surface temperature was 15.5°C. Also Prof. Christian Schönwiese claimed the same in his book “Klima im Wandel“, pages 73, 74 and 136. 15.5°C is also the figure given by a 1992 German government report, based on satellite data.


  1. Mike says:

    April 22, 2013

    Michael Stachura
    Goderich, Ontario

    A Layman’s Perspective to Wind Power Series Part I:
    Wind Power and Climate Change
    (or Stealing the Wind from the Earth may not be Benign)

    The use of Industrial Wind Turbines as a means to reduce greenhouse gases is questionable. The reliance of wind turbines on Natural Gas powered electric generators as back-up power has been understated. The relative steady temperatures over the past few years have debunked the scientist’s predictions on global warming. Therefore, the environmentalists have changed their focus from global warming to climate change. The ideology being that man is altering the climate. If man can truly alter the climate of the earth from the use of fossil fuels; then, it is reasonable to believe that man can alter the climate through other means.
    I am questioning the concept that Industrial Wind Turbines as a means to reduce climate change. Energy cannot be produced from nothing. Energy is produced by taking it and/or transforming it from another source. Therefore, a wind turbine produces energy from taking the power from the wind, thereby reducing the remaining power in the wind. “People have often thought there’s no upper bound for wind power—that it’s one of the most scalable power sources,” says Harvard applied physicist David Keith. “Each wind turbine creates behind it a “wind shadow” in which the air has been slowed down by drag on the turbine’s blades. The ideal wind farm strikes a balance, packing as many turbines onto the land as possible, while also spacing them enough to reduce the impact of these wind shadows. But as wind farms grow larger, they start to interact, and the regional-scale wind patterns matter more.” [If we were to cover the entire Earth with wind farms, he notes, “the system could potentially generate enormous amounts of power, well in excess of 100 terawatts, but at that point my guess, based on our climate modeling, is that the effect of that on global wind s, and therefore on climate, would be severe—perhaps bigger than the impact of doubling CO2.”] “One of the inherent challenges of wind energy is that as soon as you start to develop wind farms and harvest the resource, you change the resource, making it difficult to assess what’s really available,” says Amanda S. Adams, assistant professor of geography and Earth sciences at the University of North Carolina at Charlotte.
    “Wind is caused by air flowing from high pressure to low pressure. Since the Earth is rotating, however, the air does not flow directly from high to low pressure, but it is deflected to the right (in the Northern Hemisphere; to the left in the Southern Hemisphere), so that the wind flows mostly around the high and low pressure areas.”
    The research by Keith and Adams was meant to suggest that wind power is finite and will not be able to produce enough energy as wind power proponents suggest. However, I feel that if the power of wind is finite and at some point you cannot produce as much wind power as wind turbine proponents suggest, than it is also safe to say that taking that much power out of the wind will have an effect on climate, which Adams also referred to. As tens of thousands of these wind turbine monstrosities are built, the result will be significantly reduced wind worldwide. The result of reducing wind worldwide could have a devastating and catastrophic effect that would make the greenhouse gases produced by fossil fuels pale in comparison. The earth’s climate depends on the winds to pick-up, move warmth, cool, moisture, etc. to other areas of the earth. If we diminish the power of these winds, we then diminish the ability of the wind to move moisture (rain) across the planet. The result could cause draughts in large areas of the earth.
    The reduced movement of warm and cool airs could result in either global warming or cooling that could trigger an ice age or scorching. “Wind can be thought of one way that the atmosphere moves excess heat around. Directly or indirectly, wind forms for the primary(sic) purpose of helping to transport excess heat either away from the surface of the Earth, where sunlight causes an excess of energy buildup, or from warm regions (usually the tropics) to cooler regions (usually the higher latitudes).” The effects of Industrial Wind Turbines on the earth’s natural ability to regulate heat cannot be dismissed precipitously.
    Therefore, before we try to save the planet by relying on Industrial Wind Turbines for our electricity needs, we better look into the detrimental effects that could result. If man truly can change the climate of the earth, it seems to me that Industrial Wind Turbines could have a bigger effect to change the climate than fossil fuels.
    Post comment: I am sure climatologists would take exception my perspective. However, considering the climate of the earth for the past 20 years has not met their prediction of global warming, I do not have any confidence in their ability to predict the consequences of Industrial Wind Turbines on the climate.
    Next article I am planning:
    A Layman’s Perspective to Wind Power Series Part II: Follow the Money: How the Green Energy Act is able to Shield Kickbacks to Politicians

    • Well written Mike and thank you for the “bigger picture” ……… an education in Earth Sciences, Geology and basic Physics should be a pre-requisite for anyone who debates the merits of Wind Energy Generation. Unfortunately most of the “experts” on Wind Energy are not only Financial investors but definitely NOT scientifically educated!
      When we have a Fruit Fly geneticist trying to tell us that the world is going to burst into flames if we don’t stop breathing, illustrated my point very clearly!

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