The “real” Wind Industry versus the “virtual” Wind Industry!

Posted: April 20, 2013 in Uncategorized

Anyone who has attempted to cut through the “falsehoods of a Wind Turbine Company’s propaganda” and the real world of Green Energy that destroys homes, health, finances and lands of communities world-wide will enjoy seeing the “underbelly” of what could be described as the REALITY of a multi-national corporation!

All that’s wrong with Ontario’s political motivation in ruining our Province with it’s Green Energy Fraud can be summed up here:

Prowind’s North American corporate headquarters

18 Thursday Apr 2013

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We have a treat for you today, a photo of Prowind’s Head Office in Hamilton. You may recall the original office was inside a building in Kemptville Ontario, where there was also a make-your-own-wine-and beer business. Well, now that Prowind (really headquartered in Germany) is consorting with the likes of EDP, GE and Boralex, they have come up in the world, and need to be closer to their huge projects in the Woodstock area.

The Hamilton office suite is also more convenient for President Jeffrey Segal. Mr Segal, by the way, once claimed that he lives near a turbine; on further questioning, it was revealed that he meant he lives in Toronto and has seen the Exhibition Place demonstration (joke) turbine. But he is experiencing no health effects or property value loss, and so far, all the non-participating receptors (they used to be called ‘neighbours’) are OK, too.

But we digress.

Here for your viewing pleasure, is a photo of the Prowind office location. Bear in mind that this is a company that is supposed to be preparing high-level engineering reports to attest to compliance with noise regulations and safety requirements, that will be assuring no impact on human health or the natural environment, and that assures municipalities there will be economic benefits.

They do it all from here:

Prowind HQ-Hamilton


No sign of the dumpster into which all the letters from concerned citizens must go, but it’s probably there somewhere.

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