Here’s what OUR own Government is allowing to happen to it’s own people……..a Foreign Company suing a whole township for Green $$$$!

Posted: April 20, 2013 in Uncategorized

This is way too much for anyone to comprehend if your “honourable and honest”!

But let a foreign Company come into OUR Province and watch all hell break loose with lawsuits and threats to individuals trying to save their health, homes and towns from what used to be called “carpetbaggers”!

I guess the old adage “Good Corporate Neighbour” is long gone in this Company’s mission statement!

First, Nexterra physically cuts down an Eagle’s Nest in Haldimand County for their access to land to plant 400 foot plus wind turbines with our Government’s blessings!

The First Nations actually shut down the construction when they showed up to protest, which may have left the Nexterra corps guys a bit “miffed”!

THEN they threaten an Ontario Citizen for even writing critical remarks about this desecration of wildlife with a lawsuit if she din’t stop her actions!

Not satisfied to let this cool off, they go ahead and launch a legal action against Bluewater Council for passing a By-Law that would charge them $14,000 per turbine in building fees!

Now here’s the kicker. A responsible township knows only too well that in about 12-15 years when these monstrosities cease to function, it will cost a minimum of $1,000,000.00 per turbine to dismantle them and return the land back to “almost” the way it was before it was built, EXCEPT the concrete pad will remain in the ground forever and make that piece of land unusable! Ask Nexterra if they have a trust fund set up prior to construction for “decommissioning”?………………..RIGHT!…..didn’t think so!

All of this has the BLESSINGS of KATHLEEN WYNNE and her Liberal counterparts!!!!!!!!

This foreign company is maybe a bit pissed of that their name in Canada has been renamed NEXTERROR!

Wonder why?

Nexterror launches legal action against Bluewater

Posted on 04/20/2013 by 


Blackburn News
Nextera Energy is launching a legal challenge against the municipality of Bluewater to their bylaw regarding building permit fees for wind turbines.

Bluewater Council had recently approved a bylaw that called for a flat fee of 14-thousand dollars per turbine but also included additional security charges of 220-thousand dollars per turbine for de-commissioning, 100-thousand dollars for health , safety and property devaluation and 100-thousand dollars to deal with any future legal fees to the municipality arising from the wind turbines. That brought the total fee to 434-thousand dollars for each turbine.

At the time the bylaw was passed Nextera officials had indicated it would probably be challenged and Bluewater C-A-O Steve McAuley says they have now received notice of application to have the bylaw quashed. McAuley says the first scheduled date for the hearing is April 23rd in London but he expects that date will be changed to give the municipality more time to prepare its case.


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