Toronto to feel the “rate gouge from McWynnty Liberals” just like Rural Ontario has felt for years!

Posted: April 18, 2013 in Uncategorized

Buckle up Toronto……now your in the same consumer hell as Rural Ontario thanks to a few greedy and needy Industrialist and Politicians who know no bounds when it comes to bleeding the Ontario Electrical Consumers dry of their hard earned dollars!

Here’s the “skinny” and the “players” who are making this Province a complete “BASKET CASE”

Don’t you think it’s time these foul Green Fraudsters are stopped?

Electricity, Regulatory & Delivery Rates Headed UP: 

Its a Triple Whammy for Toronto Ratepayers

As the Annual Feed in Tariff (FIT) Forum was wrapping up on April 4th, 2013 the Ontario Energy Board (OEB) was readying their April 5th press release to tell ratepayers what to expect in their electricity bills come May 1st. While the FIT Forum brought together the renewable energy developers to decide who gets what from ratepayers in the future, the OEB news was to tell Ontario ratepayers how much renewable energy will cost them for the next 6 months. The OEB announcement said rates would add $3.63 to the average ratepayers bill per month or 2.9% of the total monthly bill. On the surface that is about double the inflation rate however the increase only applies to the “electricity” portion of the bill and it is for 6 months. If they had been totally honest they would have reported the increase to the “electricity” line was effectively 11% and will extract (with the 13% HST added) almost $50. from that “average” ratepayer’s wallet. Collectively that removes about $225 million annually from our pockets.

Buried in the increase is the $210 million the Ontario Power Authority (OPA) paid for those TransCanada gas turbines as noted on page 18 of the OEB’s April 5, 2013 “Regulated Price Plan Report” which stated: “The cost of the turbine purchase that is part of the Oakville gas plant cancellation agreement is included in this forecast of global adjustment costs.” 

Also coming up for all Ontario ratepayers will be an addition to the “regulatory charge” line. The OEB recently signed off on an application filed by the Independent Electricity System Operator (IESO) which will add .79 cents a month ($9.50 per annum) to that line to cover the costs of collecting and maintaining the data (data storage) from all of the smart meters. Were already paying for the meters but that one is already included in the delivery line of your bill. This IESO increase will remove another $45 million from ratepayer’s pockets.

In Toronto, Toronto Hydro ratepayers will be hit with a triple whammy come May 1st! The OEB early in the week of April 1st, blessed a large portion of Toronto Hydro’s (TH) application for capital expenditures ($750 million) over the next two years. On April 3rd a TorStar reporter got the news from a representative that TH’s “delivery” rates would increase about $3 per month (before HST) or 6.5% per annum. Taken together Toronto’s average ratepayer will be forking out an extra $100 each year. With 719,000 Toronto ratepayers, $72 million in after tax dollars will be removed from their wallets.

So in just one week the OEB collectively agreed to the removal of about $300 million of after tax dollars from our pockets. Those living on fixed or limited incomes may have to cut back on some of their food choices, turn down the heat or forget about using the air conditioner this summer.

In the meantime we ratepayers/taxpayers are supposed to be pleased that those who were able to invest in solar panels or industrial wind developments and who get fat subsidies off of the ratepayer’s backs, for generating clean intermittent energy we don’t need, which is then exported at a loss.

Sure sounds like the Liberals, supported by the NDP, are doing a reverse Robin Hood!

Parker Gallant
April 17, 2013


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