Hey Big Town Ontario!!!!! ……do you know that small town Ontario is being beaten to death by YOUR own Government?

Posted: April 18, 2013 in Uncategorized

Small town/Big town….put it all together and you get ONTARIO!

Folks living in small town Ontario are getting a royal screwing over by McWynnty and the Liberals with their Green Energy Fraudulent Agenda while big town Ontario, like Toronto, has their own set of problems to worry about like trying to make it to work and back every day in what may call the most chaotic traffic jams in North America!

Can’t really blame the urbanites for being kept in the dark about their country neighbour’s woes but in the end, whatever happens to small town Ontario will immensely effect big town and their general “quality of life” for many generations to come.

For instance, where does Toronto’s fresh food come from?………….not China…………..right here!

How about Ontario wines?………..some of the best in the world?………not California!

What about that summer holiday to “get away from it all”?…………..cottage or camping in the great wilds of Ontario?……….not Europe!

What about that retirement home in a nice quiet country setting at an affordable new home complete with healthy fresh air and water for your “Golden Years”? …………..not some retirement cubicle on Danforth and Broadview!

Now that’s just 4 items that will NOT be available due to the Government’s attack on Rural Ontario!

If there was ever a time in the history of this Province where all Ontarians have to come together like one huge family, it is now!

If you love this Province and want to save it from these despicable oligarchs that are driving it into oblivion then you should spend a few minutes researching exactly how much harm has been done by the Green Energy Act and continues unabated no matter how many laws have been broken by the very Government Ministries who were responsible at one time in enforcing them!

Ontario is bleeding and it needs massive transfusion of HONOURABLE behaviour…………………………

Province’s green energy policy killing rural ON businesses

April 18th, 2013

Province's green energy policy killing rural ON businesses

ONTARIO PREMIER KATHLEEN WYNNE  Credits: Antonella Artuso/Toronto Sun/QMI Agency


TORONTO — Out of sight, out of mind.

That’s the only way to explain the complacency urban residents have for the desecration of rural Ontario.

Politicians from small towns across the province came to Queen’s Park Thursday demanding the Kathleen Wynne government return decision-making to the local councils.

Huron-Bruce MPP Lisa Thompson brought a private member’s bill that would counter the Green Energy Act, which stripped local politicians of any say in the siting of wind and solar farms in their communities.

She says such projects are forcing up the cost of electricity and causing job losses in the manufacturing sector.

Thompson says companies in her riding are struggling to pay their soaring hydro costs.

One auto parts company, West Cast Industries, told her they’ve had an extra $5 million added to their bill over the past nine months by way of the so-called global adjustment to pay for green energy.

Those staggering costs are forcing companies to move to places where electricity is cheaper.

A Volvo plant once located in Goderich has moved to Pennsylvania. Iconic local food producer E.D. Smith is shuttering its Seaforth salad dressing plant and moving to the U.S. in June.

“We need affordable energy for Ontario to prosper,” Thompson told a news conference Thursday.
Kevin Marriott, mayor of Enniskillen, said the GEA has been “nothing short of a nightmare for our community.”

Industrial turbines have become one of the most divisive issues he’s ever dealt with in his Lambton County municipality.

Local politicians have lost their local voice.

“People in Enniskillen are concerned that the cost of these industrial wind turbines is killing our existing manufacturing and not generating any new business,” he said.

A chemical company was about to expand rubber production in a neighbouring municipality but decided it can’t justify the cost of electricity compared to the US.

“That decision will cost my area hundreds of jobs,” Marriott told reporters.

Kincardine Mayor Larry Kraemer said the lack of local input means councils can’t even protect their airports and lakeshore from the burgeoning ugly forests of giant turbines.



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