McWynnty’s Liberals are FINISHED! … DONE! ……. KAPUT! … all there is left to do here is RESIGN!

Posted: April 17, 2013 in Uncategorized

This week may just be the week that Ontarians have had enough of this Liberal Casino Gang who has robbed, stolen, misused, and literally raped the hell out of every tax payer in this Province to the point of “ENOUGH is ENOUGH”!

At a gab fest at CIVIC ACTION today she floated another crap shoot for picking the pockets of Ontario tax payers for another group of like minded “dole artists” without realizing the rest of Ontario is sick and tired of this money grabbing bunch of losers!

35+ scandals and counting, multi millions and billions of wasted tax dollars on phoney scams and schemes with not ONE SINGLE accomplishment worth mentioning, this Government has now gone so far to the “Dark Side” that all we are left with is a rather slim and diluted bunch of second rate MPP’s to make stupid audacious and ridiculous statements like we just heard from the McWynnty legacy called Kathleen Wynne.


Good Luck with that one!

Toronto has had a grid lock problem for over 40 years now and unless you have been born in a solar system far far away you would know this!

With the gridlock comes inconvenience but isn’t it bloody amazing how people somehow still manage to make it into work in down town Toronto from the burbs every day they have a job?

YET, Wynne wants more money out OUR pockets for her Metrolinx gaggle of gerbils to study the grid lock and place toll roads in, charge surcharges at hotels for tourists, tax home owners for the privilege of living inside Toronto and many other INSANE costly measures that just may end up in the pockets of the well connected and back room buddies like all the other scams this Government has pulled in over 10 years!

NOBODY believes you any more Wynne and all!…………..Just do one thing right!…..join your gutless predecessors and RESIGN!

Trust Liberals to spend $2B a year on transit wisely? No.

christina-blizzardBY  ,QMI AGENCY APRIL 17, 2013

TORONTO – Oh, great.

Having bungled the scrapping of the Mississauga gas plant to the tune of $275 million, the Liberals now want us to trust them with $2 billion of our hard-earned dollars every year for 25 years.

That’s what Premier Kathleen Wynne told a well-heeled crowd of movers and shakers at a transit bunfight Wednesday.

Wynne told a Civic Action gabfest that’s how much it will cost to break the vise grip of gridlock on the GTA and get us moving again.

Talk about gobbledegook. The speech was full of claptrap.

“Our clusters of creativity are disconnected from each other,” and this is “stunting our artists’ growth,” she told listeners.

Wow. We can’t have that. How will they pay for their lattes?

Look, we don’t need transit because a handful of snobby downtown types can’t hobnob together.

We need transit so low-income families at Jane and Finch or in the outer reaches of Scarborough can get to work.

Please don’t insult our intelligence by pretending that “revenue tools” are anything other than new taxes, user fees and tolls.

And show us you can actually manage something before you start gouging us.

So far, every new tax the Liberals have brought in has ended up in the pockets of their buddies.

In their first budget in 2004, they introduced the biggest tax hike in the history of the province with their so-called health-care “levy.”

Who got that?

Well, $1 billion of it went right down the drain in eHealth and their well-padded consultant friends vacuumed up lavish contracts.

We were told it would pay for better health care.

What did we get? Watered-down chemo drugs. Cancer patients who put their faith in the health system were betrayed. And we got filthy hospitals, where patients are as likely to be sickened by hospital-acquired infections as they are by what they came to the hospital with in the first place.

But hospital CEOs all got big fat pay hikes.

Then there was that other tax hike — the HST. Where did that go? Was it on the Ornge air ambulance scandal, where a rogue CEO squandered millions spawning private spin-off companies?

Wynne said she’s waiting for the transit agency Metrolinx to make its “revenue tool” recommendations in June.

Huh? Since when did unelected bureaucrats hike taxes?



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