Green Energy “boom times over”……….expect a flurry of signed contracts before the collapse!

Posted: April 16, 2013 in Uncategorized

We all know that so-called Green Energy is nothing for than an Enron-esque giant FRAUD that our own Government has embraced beyond all reason!

It was implemented to drag massive amounts of money out of honest hard working consumers pockets for a return of absolutely nothing!

It will go down in history as one of the largest SCAMS ever pulled on people  by their own Governments, world-wide!

“Criminal” is the word for this agenda!

Now that the Green Bloom is off the Rose, one can expect a massive push by what’s left of our Government, (because most of the Green Rush Addicts have quit), to sign huge quantities of 20 year plus contracts for “future” Industrial Wind Turbine development, just to make sure all the politician’s friends and relatives have a nicely “padded future” all guaranteed from our future tax dollars!

Our Hydro Bills will reflect this scam for decades to come and all the while we will wonder “where did all the guilty people go after they did this foul deed”?

One only has to look no farther than inside the very fraudulent GREEN industry that they created!

Renewable Energy Investment In Obama’s Once Ballyhooed Spain Evaporates – Plummeting 96%!

By P Gosselin on 16. April 2013

Global investment in renewable energies in the first quarter of this year plummeted a whopping 22%, falling to $40 billion, according to Bloomberg New Energy Finance here.

The consequences for many companies and their employees of course will be calamitous to say the least. So many employees had been given the false promise of green jobs. Now, as governments are realizing that green energies are enormously expensive, and man-made climate change is over-hyped, subsidies are being slashed.

On their own, renewable energies are unable to compete and investors are turning their backs.

Green investment plummets 96% in Spain



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