Where are the truly guilty politicians who approved the Gas Plant debacle? … long gone!

Posted: April 15, 2013 in Uncategorized

McGuinty has quit, Bentley has quit, along with Dwight Duncan and Duguid who was Energy Minister at the time……….so now Wynne and Chiarelli are left to carry the accusations and inevitable name calling on who cost Ontarians probably over a billion dollars just to have Liberal seats saved for the last election.

Of course Wynne was campaign manager for the last Liberal “run for the roses” but apparently was out of the room at the time the decision to close the Mississauga and Oakville gas plants was made! ….so that’s O.K. then?

The “gang of thieves” that have burdened Ontario tax payers with this “criminal” debt load have all disappeared from the deck of the sinking ship S.S. McGuinty!

Even an individual with an ounce of compassion would have have at least said “I’m Sorry”, but these gutless examples of guilty perveyors of misery  are not even closely related to being a true Canadian let alone an honourable person!

The old saying “you can’t insult an ignorant man” rings true with this gang!

Scott Stinson: The report on power plant cancellations isn’t good for the Ontario Liberals. The Oakville one will likely be worse

Scott Stinson | 13/04/15

To understand the significance of the Ontario Auditor-General’s determination that the cost of cancelling the Mississauga gas-fired power plant was understated by the governing Liberals by about $85-million, it is instructive to go back and see what they said about the cost of cancelling the Oakville plant, which they pegged at $40-million.

“Over the coming days and weeks you will read and hear lots of numbers related to the cost of the plant relocation,” said the now-retired energy minister, Chris Bentley, last fall. “The only accurate cost to taxpayers for this relocation is $40-million.”

Auditor-General Jim McCarter is presently looking into the Oakville deal, and his office’s report is not expected back until the summer. But of the two cancellations, it is the one at Oakville that has for months now been at the heart of speculation that the Liberals have at the least obfuscated its impact on the treasury. While they insisted the $40-million number was accurate, they anticipated that it would be roundly questioned, since among the tens of thousands of pages of documents released after negotiations with the power developer concluded are those many other numbers to which Mr. Bentley alluded.



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