McGuinty/Wynne’s Liberals attack homeowners with higher electricity costs AND students with higher tuition fees!

Posted: April 15, 2013 in Uncategorized

This Government does not show any favouritism in their punishment of Ontario citizens for voting them into power and continuing their rule of terror!

When every single segment of society is “fair game for a royal screwing” at the hands of this scandal plagued failed Government then at the very least we can say is that they are “an equal opportunity embezzler”!

Students trying to improve their lot in life by preparing themselves for a productive future among the “sharks of industry” get screwed before they even start out on their path of creating an economy that will improve not only their own lives but the life blood of Ontario: Entrepreneurship!

Wynne continues to promote this agenda of industrial devolvement which sounds a lot like “Globalization” which ensures that all populations on their planet are no better than one step up from slavery!

Of course, if the Liberals ever get booted to the curb we do have a back up Party to keep this Socialized ideology alive and well with the NDP.


Seven in ten Ontarians believe Liberals broke tuition fee promise

April 15, 2013 CNW

TORONTO, April 15, 2013 /CNW/ – According to a recent poll commissioned by the Canadian Federation of Students-Ontario and conducted by Harris-Decima, 69 per cent of Ontarians believe the Liberal government broke the spirit of their election promise to give students and their families 30 per cent off the cost of tuition fees.

“After saying they would provide relief from Ontario’s high tuition fees, the Liberals are allowing fees to increase even more,” said Sarah Jayne King, Chairperson for the Canadian Federation of Students-Ontario. “It’s no surprise that Ontario families feel cheated by the Liberals’ rhetoric on tuition fees.”

The poll also found that 77 per cent of Ontarians support reducing tuition fees and 76 per cent would support implementing a 2 per cent surtax on incomes over $250,000 if it meant making education more affordable. The poll was commissioned by the Canadian Federation of Students-Ontario and surveyed 650 Ontarians over a two week period.

In the last election, the Ontario Liberal Party committed to giving students and their families 30 per cent off tuition fees. Instead, they implemented the Ontario Tuition Grant, which only one in three students qualify for. This spring, the government spent more than $5 million advertising the grant.

The Liberal government recently announced a new tuition fee framework that allows tuition fees to increase between three and five per cent annually for the next four years. In response, students have launched The Hikes Stop Here, a campaign encouraging students and their families to tell Premier Kathleen Wynne to take action on tuition fees.



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