ABOLISH the Ontario Provincial Government …… what good are they?

Posted: April 15, 2013 in Uncategorized

Time to get rid of this dysfunctional scandal plagued quagmire of useless and money sucking group of politicians who mean nothing but HARM to Ontarians!

Low voter turnout is all the news lately. Why …… is the question. Here’s the main reason. Most honest and hard working Citizens of Ontario don’t believe this level of Government is relevant any more! They do nothing but increase debts, increase costs, create more unemployment and ruin people’s lives with their Draconian legislations which just protect their back room buddies from criminal prosecutions when something goes horribly wrong, like the ORNGE Scandal and now the Chemo Scandal which actually cost lives!

ABOLITION is a means to an end which bodes well for citizens but not for politicians.

We do have 3 other layers of Government remaining that could see us through our day to day lives with more than enough Law and Order to keep our Society from a complete “meltdown”

Imagine a Province where our own Municipalities would have the authority to make real life decisions that would allow us to spend our money on OURSELVES!

After you hear and see the next little bubble and squeak diatribe by Kathleen Wynne when asked about the Green Energy Act and how it’s killing jobs, creating huge electrical prices for consumers and is basically running Ontario into non recoverable debt, and what is she going to do about……….her reply is nothing more than a litany of strategy groups’ lies and false claims.

To hire lobby groups and strategy groups to run your mouth off inside our once sanctified Legislature make this place called Queen’s Park nothing but a MOCKERY of all Free and Democratic Citizens of this Province.

If you don’t think there are enough reasons being given here to abolish this corrupt and dysfunctional group of gerrymanders  , just wait until you read the upcoming Auditor General’s Report later today on how much your going to get screwed out of by having the Liberals buy their won votes with the Gas Plant moves!

Time to rid the chambers of ROT!

Remember when watching this, every single “example” she uses to defend her Party’s position is a lie!

Thompson Questions Premier on Scathing Fraser Report

Wynne can hardly wait for the question to be asked before jumping up to quack off her rehearsed gag fest!

  1. Anonymous says:

    Hear, hear!

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