NDP siding with Liberals to prop up a failing Government!

Posted: April 13, 2013 in Uncategorized

So you though the Spring Budget by Kathleen Wynne/Dalton McGuinty’s Liberals would be Ontario’s chance to dump this failed Government?

Don’t bet on it!

Andrea Horwath’s NDP have basically been welcomed with open arms to vote in favour of this budget before it’s even introduced in Parliament for a vote!

This is what politics is all about and why it’s such a vile, decrepit business that probably not one single honest Canadian citizen would ever be on their wish list for a dream job!

It takes a rather twisted and mentally deviated individual to sell out their electorate any way they can in order to further their existence and tax payers cheque even though they are responsible for the demise of a once great Province with their faulty and greed oriented scandal plagued agendas!

The PC’s have a plan to end the FIT Green Energy Program which would “stop the bleeding” of Renewable contracts which are nothing more than giant ponzi schemes to suck money our of consumers pockets for the delivery of……NOTHING actually, but heartache and energy poverty.

The PC’s would also end the glut and duplication of public servants that are sitting in offices basically contributing nothing but methane to our economy!

Horwath finds it much easier to make back room deals with the McGuinty legacy than the PC’s so say good bye to any retribution for the abuse we have endured for over ten years now and get ready for another round of scandal plagued Ministries in action until??????………………………….

SHAME on them all!…..specially the NDP!

Chiarelli calls NDP budget approval conditions ‘mostly resaonable’

Glen McGregor, The Ottawa Citizen April 13, 2013

Chiarelli calls NDP budget approval conditions ‘mostly reasonable’

While Premier Kathleen Wynne has been meeting with the opposition seeking compromise on an upcoming budget, Energy Minister Bob Chiarelli said he thinks that ‘by all accounts, hell will freeze over before (Tory leader) Tim Hudak will support the budget.’

Photograph by: Chris Mikula , Ottawa Citizen

OTTAWA — Ontario Energy Minister Bob Chiarelli called the NDP’s conditions for supporting the upcoming provincial budget “mostly reasonable” and says he’s hopeful an election can be avoided.

NDP leader Andrea Horwath has set five conditions for supporting the Liberal budget, including a 15-per-cent cut to auto-insurance premiums; a youth employment program, a home-care guarantee for seniors, changes to social assistance payments and closing corporate tax loopholes.

The budget requests “in many respects, are reasonable,” Chiarelli said Saturday, “and Premier (Kathleen) Wynne is trying really hard to try to work out a way to accommodate them.”

Wynne has also been speaking to Progressive Conservative leader Tim Hudak on a regular basis, he said.

But Chiarelli admitted later there’s little chance of bringing the Tories onside.

“I think, by all accounts, hell will freeze over before Tim Hudak will support the budget.”

Chiarelli said while he’s hopeful of an agreement with Horwath, he noted that the NDP had seemed to support the last provincial budget but later made additional demands.

“I think there will be some political football throughout the budget process,” he said.

“It’s by no means a done deal.”

Finance Minister Charles Sousa will bring down the budget at the end of April.

Unless it is supported by either the NDP or Progressive Conservatives, Kathleen Wynne’s minority government will fall and Ontario voters will head back to the polls, likely in June.





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