No wonder Australia is in trouble on the Green Energy front …….. One of the Premiers declares his “Love For Wind Turbines”!!!

Posted: April 12, 2013 in Uncategorized

If this wasn’t so bloody sad it would be hilarious!

We think OUR politicians are whacko!

Premier Denis Napthine of South Victoria Australia has publicly called Wind Turbines “majestic” and declares his LOVE for these things!

With extreme and bizarre behaviour such as this from an elected official who is paid by the people he is supposed to represent makes one wonder if Australia has any contact with the “outside world” when it comes to common sense and responsible governance.

Just for your entertainment here is how really badly wrong a person’s outlook on life can become almost pathetic!

I love them, but we can’t have them everywhere: Premier on wind farms 

By Tom Arup April 12, 2013,


Premier Denis Napthine has declared his personal love for wind turbines, but says his government’s restrictions to where they can be built won’t change.

Dr Napthine on Friday launched the Macarthur wind farm in Victoria’s south-west, the largest wind energy project in the southern hemisphere.

The Macarthur project was built by AGL Energy and New Zealand firm Meridian Energy, cost $1 billion, and sits in Dr Napthine’s electorate. It consists of 140 turbines generating up to 420 megawatts of electricity, enough for 252,000 average households.

Speaking at the launch Dr Napthine said he thought wind turbines were “majestic”.

“I remember year’s ago seeing wind turbines in Wales and parking on the side of the road and just watching them,” he said.

“I think they are absolutely fantastic, they’re not right in every place, but in places like this, the wide open plains, I think they are really valuable in term of the energy they produce.”

“I think they are majestic, and I actually love them.”

Laws brought in by the Coalition government allow any household to veto a wind farm project within two kilometres of their property. It also restricts construction around key towns and sites.

Green groups say Victoria is missing out on future reneable energy investment because of the laws. Environment Victoria’s Mark Wakeham said: “It’s encouraging that Premier Napthine is attending the opening of the massive Macarthur wind farm, but the reality is this wind farm wouldn’t have been approved under the Coalition’s anti-windfarm planning laws.”


  1. Mike says:

    Here in the UK, PM Cameron’s titled father in law loves wind turbines. According to our right wing Daily Telegraph newspaper pa in law earns £1000 per day from having them somewhere on his country estate.

    Nearly all of our turbine companies oare overseas owned so billions of £ in taxapayer money is flooding abroad as they milk the subsidy system. Many of our Planners love turbines too – but never close to where they live.

    The Big Green Scam is ruining our beautiful landscape ( solar farms are the other blight), wrecking tourism, damaging the health of those nearby and making peoples’ homes affected unsellable.

    Wherever taxpayers’ money is involve there are scams of Ponzi proportions. Wind energy is just one major example of where in the UK a few are enriched at the expense of us all.

    • World-wide corruption at the highest levels of Government has become the “norm”!
      A backlash is coming fast from disenfranchised and hopeless people the world over.
      These oligarchs have “had it their way” much too long.
      Right now in Canada, a large bank, RBC, has sparked a controversy that just won’t go away. “Outsourcing” of home grown jobs has been a “dormant” scab that is now just getting “picked” and may be the “spark” that lays bare the whole financial fraud called “Globalization”!!!!!

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