How can you tell a Wind Lobby group has “lost it”? …… just “read their report”!

Posted: April 12, 2013 in Uncategorized

The Fraser Institute came out this week with a report that confirmed what most Rural Residents have known for many years now. Wind Turbines don’t work, costs jobs, inflates Hydro Bills, destroys economies, causes health problems and kills wildlife not to mention loss of huge swaths of valuable farm and tourist areas.

Immediately on the heels of this damning report, the Canadian Wind and Energy Association, CanWEA, the Wind industry “lobby group”, produces their “Press Release” claiming exactly the opposite and trying to tell people that Wind Energy is about as good as it gets!


Without going into a long drawn out rambling critique of these “lobbyists” who “guide” Provincial politicians daily through the “minefield” of lies and untruths surrounding their failed Green Energy agenda, all one has to do is read both releases and make up your own mind which one is believable.

The old adage “The Truth Will Out”…………seems as poignant today as it was when Shakespeare wrote it!


CanWEA: Locked and Loaded

The Canadian Wind Energy Association (CanWEA) were prepared for the Fraser Institute’s report of April 11, 2013 as within hours of the release of that report they issued a press release headlined “Wind energy a good deal for Ontario” which attempts to dispute the findings of the Fraser report.
CanWEA’s secret weapon was prepared by Power Advisory LLC whose Canadian subsidary is headed up by Jason Chee-Aloy, a former employee of the Ontario Power Authority (OPA) where he was the Director of Generation Procurement. A couple of earlier articles had explored the “conflict of interest” issues surrounding his position with Power Advisory LLC as their client list included OPA wind contract holders; Samsung, NexTera, Pattern and IPR-GDF North Suez. Contact with the Office of the Integrity Commissioner and the Lobbyist Registry, at that time, disclosed the former couldn’t do anything because the OPA wasn’t on their list of Provincial entities their Act governed nor were Power Advisory registered on the Province’s Lobbyist Registry. As of yesterday they still appear unregistered.

The Power Advisory report prepared for CanWEA is dated February 15, 2013 and was obviously the secret weapon held by them to dispute upcoming reports that might prove (as the Fraser report does) that wind generation is a useless and expensive way to generate electricity in Ontario; doing harm to humans, nature, destroying property values and producing power when we don’t need it (80% of the time). 
The unleashing of the CanWEA secret weapon to counter the Fraser Institute’s report does nothing to dispel the principal facts as it simply looks at electricity generated by industrial wind turbines (IWT) in isolation claiming the production of wind energy represents only 5% of total supply costs on an average Burlington Hydro ratepayer’s bill.

What the Power Advisory report doesn’t refer to are the effects caused by the addition of wind generation to the grid that were highlighted by the Fraser Institute report. The Power Advisory report fails to note that wind requires backup from gas plants (which are paid to not produce), spilling of cheap clean hydro when wind produces power we don’t need (depleting revenue to OPG) , steaming off of nuclear plants (which are also paid to not produce), the expenditure on transmission lines to hook up IWTs and of course the costs of exporting excess generation. Wind’s costs, including the foregoing would easily double what their report claims without considering the other destructive attributes of IWTs.

The Power Advisory report is nothing more then the same old smoke and mirrors that the Liberal politicians have accepted as gospel.

CanWEA’s secret weapon only serves to bring out the fallacious nature of their spin about IWTs and undermines their cause but it presumably gives the Energy Minister some talking points in the Legislature.

Parker Gallant,
April 12, 2013


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