A “call to arms” to Rural Municipalities: shut down this Provincial Government’s involvement in “YOUR loss of Democracy”!

Posted: April 12, 2013 in Uncategorized

This McGuinty/Wynne Government is hell-bent on permanently destroying Rural Ontario as we all witness “crisis management” from Queen’s Park with their anti-Democratic Green Energy Act where they have removed all control from Municipalities over when where why and who can plant dozens of useless wind turbines across our once great Province.

When a Government body works so diligently and outside the Law to ruin people’s lives based on a fake fraudulent ideology such as “sustainable development” then we are no better than a Third World Dictatorship!


Time for Municipalities across Ontario to cut these parasites of greed off the consumer’s supply of tax dollars to promote their sleazy Green Energy Agenda!

The Jury is in! The Green Energy Act is destroying our land!

Study Confirms Ontario Energy Policy is a Disaster

Study Confirms Ontario Energy Policy is a Disaster

Huron and Bruce county residents can readily attest to the impact of the Wynne-McGuinty government’s energy policy. Now, a new economic study by the respected Fraser Institute confirms what many of us in rural Ontario already know. The province’s energy policy is in shambles. Fuelled by rich government subsidies, the province’s ideologically driven economic plan stubbornly continues to erect unneeded renewable energy sources. Yet as the cash burn rate accelerates this summer, we can be sure consumers will begin to notice their electrical bills igniting. High cost energy will force city dwellers to start paying attention.

According to the economic study just released today, “…electricity costs in Ontario for users in all categories are expected to rise by between 40% and 60% by 2015. This will put Ontario’s cities into the most expensive category in North America, wiping out a relative cost advantage that persisted up to about 2008.”  The economic study examines the impact this will have on Ontario’s manufacturing, mining and forestry sectors.  It’s all bad news.  Have-not Ontario is investing in a policy to make industry less attractive for employers who are already relocating their manufacturing operations. Workers are facing higher living costs, and face downward pressure on private sector wages. It seems the province wants to dig a deep financial hole and toss our future into it.

While the negative economic factors are starting to feed on themselves, accelerating our decline, this has not deterred the green industry from cashing in on the policy folly.

Today, Ontario is producing more power than it can possibly use, in part due to our economic decline.  The many new wind turbines and solar panels being installed this summer will displace lower cost power sources, including gas fired and nuclear.  The Fraser study points out that, “…wind power in Ontario is heavily concentrated at times of the year when demand is at a minimum, and declines during times when demand is rising.  Consequently about 80% of Ontario wind energy is generated at times when there is no demand for it domestically, requiring it to be exported at a loss of about 9¢/kWh, at an annual cost of about $200 million. The Ontario power system loses about $24,000 every hour wind turbines operate.”

If you are saying this can’t be true, it’s best to summarize the implications then take a deep breath:

  1. The Ontario government is increasing the electrical production capacity, even though we do not need the power,
  2. This surplus power is the most expensive to produce,
  3. The subsidy for power we don’t need will be paid by Ontario taxpayers and electricity consumers who will face a minimum 50% increase in power rates over the next few years,
  4. The surplus power will be sold to the United States, which some may view as a form of “foreign aid” provided courtesy of “have not” Ontario,
  5.  This aid to the US economy will make Ontario less competitive and in turn will export jobs and higher wages to the United States,
  6. The job loss will reduce Ontario wages, but force up the cost of living, trapping us in a downward economic spiral.

The silver lining to this story is that consumers will start noticing that something is amiss, as they open their electricity bills.  While the green energy lobby has done a great job drowning out opposition to common sense economic policy, voters will have the final say.  Too bad it has taken so long.

To download the Fraser Institute study, please click here.

  1. Big Green Lie said:
    “Time for Municipalities across Ontario to cut these parasites of greed off the consumer’s supply of tax dollars to promote their sleazy Green Energy Agenda!”

    Good luck finding any that could, without appearing hypocrites that speak with forked tongues after having contracted for solar panels to rake in FIT dough from rooftops of the buildings their municipal corporations own… which will hike up every other consumer’s electricity bill even more.

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