Ontario’s Green Energy Act: “probably the biggest “rip-off in Ontario’s history!

Posted: April 11, 2013 in Uncategorized

Duh! Could’ve told ya so about 4  years ago!

When this anti-Democratic Bill 150 was signed into law by the McGuinty Government, backed by the NDP in May of 2009, the outrage among informed Rural Residents was blasted across the blogosphere because not one mainstream media outlet would dare publish anything “anti-McGuinty”!

From that point on, no TV station, newspaper or news outlet would publish what we all knew in Rural Ontario, that this Bill would literally destroy our homes, lands,health and economy!

4 years later and a thousand plus wind turbine installations in sensitive rural areas we now see the beginning of some mainstream agreement that WE Ontarians are getting screwed and robbed so badly that we may never recover from this despicable Green Fraud and one of the worst economic agenda ever instituted by a Government body!

Ontario is not alone. World-wide, whole countries are having their economic guts ripped out by these Green Charlatans and rip off artists!

Thousands of studies, reports and first hand stories of the harm done by this Green Fraud have been published, yet ignored by our so-called “political representatives” in order to continue the SCAM called Green Energy!

Jail time for this criminal act is not good enough for these anti-human purveyors of GREED!

Ontario’s Green Energy Act causing energy prices to soar; plan now 10 times costlier than alternative that would have yielded the same environmental benefits

Media Contacts:
Release Date: April 11, 2013

TORONTO, ON—Ontario’s Green Energy Act (GEA) will soon put the province at or near the top of North American electricity costs, with serious consequences for the province’s economic growth and competitiveness, concludes a new report from the Fraser Institute, an independent, non-partisan Canadian think-tank.

“Already, the GEA has caused major price increases for large energy consumers, and we’re anticipating additional hikes of 40 to 50 per cent over the next few years,” said Ross McKitrick, Fraser Institute senior fellow and author of Environmental and Economic Consequences of Ontario’s Green Energy Act.

“The Ontario government defends the GEA by referring to a confidential 2005 cost-benefit analysis on reducing air pollution from power plants. That report did not recommend pursuing wind or solar power, instead it looked at conventional pollution control methods which would have yielded the same environmental benefits as the GEA, but at a tenth of the current cost. If the province sticks to its targets for expanding renewables, the GEA will end up being 70 times costlier than the alternative, with no greater benefits.”

Environmental and Economic Consequences of Ontario’s Green Energy Act analyzes the GEA and its effects on economic competitiveness and environmental improvement in Ontario. The report calculates that the manufacturing and mining sectors will be particularly hard hit by rising energy costs, with returns to investment in manufacturing likely to decline by 29 per cent, mining by 13 per cent, and forestry by less than one per cent.

“Provincial efforts to shield these industries through energy subsidy programs only transfer the costs onto Ontario taxpayers, who are already dealing with skyrocketing residential electricity prices,” McKitrick said.

“Overall, GEA-related energy cost increases will yield a net loss of investment and employment in Ontario, in pursuit of environmental benefits that could have been obtained at a fraction of the cost.”


Scott Stinson: Ontario paying a high price for Green Energy Act

Scott Stinson | 13/04/11

The handy thing about the Ontario Liberals’ spectacular mishandling of the energy file, as an example of poor governance, is that there is really something for everyone.

A shameless political decision that came with a significant cost to the treasury? Hello, gas-plant cancellations.

A deliberate attempt to obscure the cost of those decisions by releasing only partial numbers? Testimony before the justice committee this week has shown the Liberals knew the $40-million cost of the Oakville cancellation that the former energy minister had insisted was the only true cost, in fact, referred only to sunk costs, and that the final bill would actually be much higher.

A punitive impact on taxpayers? The Ontario Energy Board announced last week that electricity rates will rise again on May 1, continuing a trend in which residential rates are expected to double over a 10-year period.

And, at the root of it all is the 2009 Green Energy Act, one of the signature policies of the McGuinty government, which comes in for quite a drubbing in a study from the Fraser Institute that will be released on Thursday.



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