Is Canada’s economy being directed by “Socialists (Communists)”?

Posted: April 11, 2013 in Uncategorized

We all know how hard it is in Canada to keep “one’s head above water” when it comes to earning a living and affording all the goods and services available to us to lead a fairly secure and comfortable lifestyle. Even trying to hold down a job these days is a never ending stress factor while jobs are being exported to Third World countries and “redundancy” is becoming a daily “buzz word”!

Maybe that’s why most Canadians can’t get too involved in the baffle gab of politicians and their spin Doctors words on a daily basis. They are TOO DAMN TIRED!

That fits in quite nicely when “less than honourable ideological players in our political and economic sectors” want to manipulate the conversations and policy “think tanks” that come up with nefarious legislation and pushing “a Socialist (Communist) agenda” on their fellow Canadian Citizens!

Obviously the lessons of the last two World Wars are lost on these fools and when push comes to shove, Canadians will fight back!

We are quickly reaching a point in Canada, along with the rest of the “Free World” where anti-Democratic rhetoric by zealots and eco-idiots will not be tolerated!

The following two posts may be very poignant in this regard and show us all how “spin meisters” attempt to SOCIALIZE our country which was built on Free Enterprise and the ability of the Private Sector to operate without punishing restrictions on being successful in making money and showing profits!

William Watson: We, the NDP, the shaggy party…

The NDP’s big constitution problem is “democratic socialism.”  So 1961. Today only places like North Korea use the phrase

William Watson | 13/04/11 National Post

The most interesting part of the NDP’s constitution is where it requires a two-thirds majority to be amended. Got that? Two thirds to amend a political party’s rules. Fifty per cent plus one to break up a country.

But never mind that. The issue for this weekend’s policy conference is the constitution’s preamble. It starts out: The New Democratic Party believes that the social, economic and political progress of Canada can be assured only by the application of democratic socialist principles to government and the administration of public affairs.

Are there other kinds of progress that have been left out? Why not just say the “progress of Canada”? Or is it that these other forms of progress aren’t amenable to democratic socialist management? And is there a difference between “government” and “the administration of public affairs”? Does administration have to be democratically socialist, too, with votes on everything? Shouldn’t it just operate by the ordinary rules of due process?

The big problem, obviously, is “democratic socialist.” That was forward-looking and progressive in 1961, when the constitution was written, but today only places like North Korea use that phrase.

On the other hand, “democratic socialist” is at least clear. People are socialist, which usually means they want the state to control the means of production, but they’re also democrats. Lots of theory suggests you can’t really be democratic if you own the means of production, since you destroy the independent-minded bourgeois and capitalist classes that are the lifeblood of democracy. But the nature of the pipe dream is at least clear.

Today the favoured term for this sort of person is “social democrat,” which sounds less dangerous. Unfortunately, its meaning is unclear. “Democrat” we understand. The NDP favours democracy. Good for it. We all do. But what is it to be “social”? “Sociable” would be clear. Bill Clinton was a sociable democrat, if you know what I mean. Ronald Reagan gave the air of sociability — people certainly loved him — but apparently was distant personally. But what is it to be “social”? You’re concerned with social matters? Well, who isn’t? Or is “social” meant to suggest we non-NDPers are anti-social democrats?


Public Relations Firms & Climate Change

April 10/2012

Much of what we hear about climate change has been carefully crafted by PR firms and ad agencies.


The chairman of the David Suzuki Foundation isn’t a scientist.
He’s a PR specialist whose website dismisses genuine scientists as “amateurs.”

We’re told that the scientific case for global warming is “incontrovertible,” that only the deliberately perverse now doubt that human activities have triggered grave climatic consequences.

But if the science speaks for itself, why is the chairman of the David Suzuki Foundation a public relations specialist? James Hoggan is described on the Foundation’s own website as:

one of Canada’s most respected public relations professionals and the president and owner of Hoggan & Associates, an award winning strategic communications firm… [bold added]

Of course there is no list of “most respected” Canadian PR people anyone can possibly consult in order to verify such a claim. That’s 100% spin. Which is what PR folks do. They are expert at making themselves and their clients sound impressive.

Moreover, “respected” isn’t the adjective most commonly associated with that business. Here in North America, we talk about PR hacks. Like lawyers, these people are hired guns. They advance a position not because it’s true and not because they themselves necessarily believe it, but because it’s their job.

When PR firms aren’t stretching the truth about people, companies, and activities whose image they’ve been hired to burnish, they’re frequently smearing the competition. Which is exactly what Hoggan does. His online bio brags that he is the co-founder of “the influential website DeSmogBlog.” is, in my view, one of the ugliest destinations on the Internet. It’s a hit squad, a professional demean team. And it was started – let me repeat this – by a close associate of David Suzuki.



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