RBC/Harper Government outsourcing of Canadian Jobs draws furor from Canadian Citizens!

Posted: April 9, 2013 in Uncategorized

To listen to The “Harper Government’s” (not Canadian Government) Economic Action Plan one would assume that Canada is doing just fine, thank you very much, in creating jobs for Canadians first!

Nothing even close to this is happening right now, or has been happening, since this “Action Plan” has been launched by this Federal Government.

But then say something long enough, and repeat it over and over again, then people will begin to believe it. NOT!

We all remember Stalin’s and Hitler’s attempt to deceive their respective citizens…………….we all know how that worked out!

The backlash against the RBC has been brutal since a disgruntled employee “blew the whistle” on this job destruction!

Today we learn that the Canadian Government condones this behaviour even though you won’t hear that on National News tonight!

What we do hear however is that social media has picked up on this and has launched it’s own Facebook “Boycott Royal Bank of Canada” page.

Could this be the virtual “Straw that Broke the Camel’s Back”? and begins to make these self-appointed mandarins of greed finally “accountable” for their actions and disgusting vindictive job destroying policies?

Try and go over to India and try this on an Indian firm and see if you even make it out of the country alive?

But then we are such a forgiving and polite country that we would rather give up our source of income rather than complain about maltreatment!

I call it gutless!

Without OUR money, they would cease to exist………….immediately!

Jim Flaherty’s dirty little job-training secret: Walkom

 National Affairs, Published on Fri Mar 22 2013

Canadian employers won’t bother training workers as long as they can import cheap temporary help from abroad.

While Finance Minister Jim Flaherty wants business to chip in $5,000 per worker as well, his job training scheme remains very much dependent on public largesse, writes Thomas Walkom.

The federal government says it is serious about job-training. It is not.

If it were, it would not make it so easy for business to hire cheap workers from abroad.

This is the dirty little secret about job-training in Canada. Employers don’t train workers because most don’t have to.

They expect government to train workers at public cost. And if that doesn’t work, businesses expect government to let them import from abroad workers who are already trained.

This is why employer organizations welcomed Finance Minister Jim Flaherty’s announcement Thursday of a proposed wage subsidy scheme that would see governments provide business with up to $10,000 per worker for training.

This proposed Canada Job Grant requires provincial approval. (Quebec has already announced its opposition, so good luck there.)

And while Flaherty wants business to chip in $5,000 per worker as well, his scheme remains very much dependent on public largesse.

However, aside from a few vague mutterings, the Conservative government does not seem prepared to seriously scale back temporary worker programs that allow business to cherry-pick cheap labour from abroad.

If companies knew they couldn’t import, say, skilled pipefitters from Europe, they might put more effort into training domestic workers to meet their needs.

But employers know they don’t have to train. Instead, they need only wait until the last minute and then complain of labour shortages.

Over the last decade, as my friends at the Globe and Mail have reported, the number of temporary workers admitted to Canada has more than tripled, from 101,000 to 338,000.



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