RBC isn’t the only one guilty of dismantling OUR workforce………our Government approves of it!!!!!

Posted: April 9, 2013 in Uncategorized

We’ve all been affected over the years by having seen our families and friends lose their jobs in favour of cheaper off shore jobs from other countries like China and India among others.

It was a sign of the times, I guess you could say.

To have a Bank this week being accused of bringing workers inside Canada from abroad and have Canadians teach these people “their jobs” and then lay the teachers off and have the newly trained workers return to their home country taking that job with them is way over the top of what has been happening or should be happening!

Oh the OUTRAGE from RBC!…………..NO we DON’T!…………….You’ve got it all wrong!……massage and issue calming reports…………..

And the OUTRAGE from our Government!……….we will INVESTIGATE this!………….This is WRONG WRONG WRONG!!!

Well Whoopdee Doo!

Everyone is wrong, and this is outrageous and this won’t happen…………….

STOP THIS BS!………………STFU……here’s the truth!

The Government APPROVES!

We’re in a lot of trouble folks! When our own Government wants Canadians to be replaced by unskilled workers from Third World Countries all the time jamming mind numbing commercials down your throat every 15 minutes of every night on TV about how Canada’s Economic Action Plan is creating jobs, strengthening our economy and making Canada a great place to live……………..

We are in deep trouble!

Ottawa admits it approved request for foreign workers to replace RBC employees

Nicholas Keung and Dana Flavelle Staff Reporters Mon Apr 08 2013

How an outsourcing firm got Ottawa’s nod to bring in foreign workers to replace 45 Canadian employees at RBC has become part of an official probe.

Royal Bank of Canada CEO Gord Nixon assured in an internal memo late Sunday the bank has not hired temporary foreign workers to take over jobs done by of its own employees.

How an overseas outsourcing firm managed to get Ottawa’s nod to bring in foreign workers to replace 45 Canadian employees at the Royal Bank has become the centre of an official probe.

On Monday, the federal government confirmed iGate, based in Fremont, Calif., was granted a positive labour market opinion (LMO), which is supposed to be issued only when an assessment determines the hiring will not take jobs away from available and qualified Canadians.

While it is not clear if the temporary foreign workers from India have been working and reporting directly to RBC or iGate, the affected bank employees said they have been asked to train their replacements.

“If these workers were brought to Canada on LMO-based work permits, then either the employer may not have been fully straightforward with Service Canada about their plans, or someone at Service Canada might have been asleep at the wheel,” said Toronto lawyer Chantal Desloges, who has helped guide corporate clients through the LMO process.

“Service Canada would have approved the LMOs based on the fact that iGate is the employer. If the de facto employer at some point became RBC then this could be a compliance issue with the terms of the LMOs and the work permits as well.”

The office of Human Resources and Skills Development Canada Minister Diane Finley said the department launched the probe late last week after media inquiries.


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