Eco-Radicals aren’t here to “save the planet”….they spout nonsense to make $$$$$$$!

Posted: April 5, 2013 in Uncategorized

So many years of “doom and gloom, Climate Armageddon, evil consumerism, CO2 poisoning the air, rising oceans, Global Warming” and on and on ad nausea!

This is the message David Suzuki and Greenpeace and Environmental Defence Fund among the many other eco-whacked out groups have been bombarding us with for decades until a bunch of misguided and uninformed fools actually believe the message!

Once people start to question these absurd claims being made, it doesn’t take long to realize the true agenda here!

We are being told by these “holier-than-thou” pontificates that we should all reduce our “carbon footprint” to the point where we should all be eating our own garbage and living in a candle heated cave!

EVIL consumers! Poisoners of the air with our breath and how dare you unwashed and unclean of the world dare try and buy more, earn more and demand a better quality of life when the Mother Earth is screaming to be saved!

That’s their message! A wee bit crazier than a rat in a coffee can?

Here’s the real agenda behind these eco-radicals. They want more $$$$$$$!

Want to stop these idiots? Want to end their diatribe of hatred?

BOYCOTT them! STOP supporting them with your hard earned $$$$! IGNORE their messaging!

Without $$$$$, they will just shrivel up and go away.

Greens Against Growth – Except Their Own

April 4, 2013 at 2:10 pm

If “constant growth” is bad, why does the David Suzuki Foundation keep getting bigger and bigger?

According to eco zealots, growth is a bad thing because it increases our environmental footprint. On page 2 of his latest book, David Suzuki complains that our economic system is

based on constant growth and ever-expanding exploitation of finite resources on a finite planet. [bold added; screencap here]

At the beginning of a chapter titled Is the Economy…Stupid? he talks about our “current economic paradigm” and “what an economy is supposed to do.” He declares that our “economic system is a human invention that can be modified, improved or changed to suit our needs” and reiterates:

It’s absurd that we still rely on a recently devised economic system based on endless growth when we live on a finite planet. [bold added; screencap here]

Err, reality check time. Suzuki is a geneticist by training. I’m aware of no evidence that he has taken a single course in economics. Many people in this world have PhDs in that field. They’ve spent decades exploring the nuances of economic theory. Suzuki is not one of them. He is as much an amateur in economics as I am in genetics.

If he wants to talk about absurdities, let’s start with the fact that someone who knows so little about that field has spent so much of his time subjecting the rest of us to his unsophisticated economic perspective.

That perspective utterly lacks originality. It is associated with a particular worldview, one that can be summed up in two words: capitalism sucks.

Beneath their green veneer, large numbers of environmentalists turn out to be old-school lefties who still don’t get it. They cling to the childish fantasy that the world economy can be “fixed” – that it can be manipulated like a puppet on a string. In this fantasy world, unintended consequences never occur, and people don’t have minds of their own. Instead, they behave exactly as green crusaders expect and want them to.

In recent years, eco activists have organized “de-growth” conferences. As a FAQ prepared for a 2012 de-growth gathering explains, the problem with contemporary society is that we subscribe to the “religion of growth” and have been misled by “the lying dogma of unlimited growth in a finite world” (backup link).

So here’s my question to these crusaders: If we’re all supposed to be making do with less, if we’re supposed to be contracting – rather than expanding – our use of resources, if growth is a pernicious concept, why have green organizations themselves been growing like bad weeds?

The David Suzuki Foundation was incorporated in 1990. In his autobiography, Suzuki says its first office

was above an automobile repair shop and was cheap…The roof leaked, the wastebaskets were populated with mice, and everything we had in the office – a raggedly collection of furniture and shelves – was borrowed or donated. [screencap here]

For the first two years, its only staff member was a volunteer – Suzuki’s wife, Tara Cullis.

Today, the Suzuki Foundation is housed on the second floor of a building in trendy Kitsilano – a Vancouver beachside neighbourhood packed with vegetarian restaurants, yoga studios, and surf shops.



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